Our company name comes from the word ‘autarky’ which in turn has its origin in the classic Greek word αύτάρκεια, meaning self-sufficiency. We see a future where individuals, households, businesses and communities prosper peacefully and in harmony with its environment. Energy self-sufficiency lies at the core of this.

Autarco is the leading brand of complete high quality solar PV solutions that enable consumers worldwide to take steps towards greater energy self-sufficiency.


Roel van den Berg
Founder & CEO

It is our mission to reduce risk to owners and retailers of distributed solar PV.


Here at Autarco we are focused on three key values which stem from our vision and mission. These values drive our thought processes, priorities, actions and development roadmap.


Our proposition makes solar PV as risk free and easy to understand as possible. Keeping things simple is key.


Removing risk and providing security is the core of our proposition. We will never compromise on this.


Through the kWh guarantee we respect the financial commitment you've made and the installer's time. It is the only way.

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Raising the bar

We’re very active members of both the Dutch and European solar industry associations to help push the industry to a higher level and contribute to the maturing of the sector as a whole.

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