Self-built solar energy car to Antarctica

Autarco is developing special solar panels for a self-built car which will be driven to the South Pole.

Wilco van Rooijen and Edwin ter Velde made the car themselves partially of plastic waste. Furthermore, the car runs entirely on solar energy. The solar panels are specially made to withstand the extreme cold of Antarctica.

Autarco nominated for Supplier of the year Award 2016

Birmingham September 2016 – Last week Autarco was nominated at the Energy Efficiency Awards UK for Supplier of the year. Reasons for the nominations were: the unique complete system that sets Autarco apart from any of its’ competitors plus the outstanding service level that Autarco’s to it’s customers was mentioned particularly.

Wates Construction works with Autarco on large scale PFI project Hull

This month, three of Autarco´s largest projects to date commenced in Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. Working in cooperation with Wates Group, one of the leading construction companies in UK, this PFI project concerns three extra care housing projects. Hull City Council continue to embrace renewable technologies and each of the three locations have been made future-proof using a solar renewable Solar PV system from Autarco, the only solar brand that provides all required components used to make a working PV system.
The project is spread over three different locations in Hull. The extra care housing project provides an environment where people have their own front door with on-site care and support provision. These apartments are intended for adults with care needs, including people with physical disabilities, dementia, mental health and sensory needs.

Autarco’s CEO Roel van den Berg at TEDx about self-sufficient life

Self-sufficient life: a world to win
Working together on sustainable innovation

On Friday, June 10th, 2016 Roel van den Berg, CEO of Autarco and authority in the international solar energy market gave an inspiring TED talk called ‘Self-sufficient life: a world to win’ for an entrepreneurial public in Veghel. Also, this unique format could be viewed by thousands of other interested parties through the live web stream. In a revealing TedX, Van den Berg explains the relationship between individualism and the sharing society in which we want to be more connected with others in order to give meaning to our need for an authentic touch. He argues for designing living environments in which people can be self-sufficient as long as possible and stay in direct contact with their families. Van den Berg is convinced that the current generation is going to start this change. In time, this will result in a stronger community and a better environment, a more sustainable planet right now and later.

In the last century, individualsm became more and more common, however in recent years a call for local connections became louder “We want to have closer bonds with our neighbors, we have less confidence in global corporate businesses, we want to know the origin of our food and we are massively generating energy locally. In general we can say that we want to be more interconnected. The overkill of impersonal digital contact (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp), is creating more need for authentic touch. In the meantime, we complain about the cuts in healthcare while society is aging, “says Van den Berg. An autarkic society, according to him, is the appropriate response, both in energy area and in broader social context.

“We have to ground again”
We recognize that international cooperation is a way to live together in peacefulness and prosperity. But when we are too dependent on primary issues like energy, health care and food that creates an undesirable situation and we sacrifice freedom to define our own lives. Globalization and improved efficiency were at the expense of durability and a livable planet. The response makes us want to live self-sufficient. According to philosopher Joseph Keularz ‘self-sufficiency’ stems from the releasing of our roots. People struggle with this idea. According to him, autarky is a response to urbanization, globalization and the loss of their own place. We have a feeling displaced and again searching for the base. In other words, “we must earth again.” Building your own generating its own environment, their own energy, the integration of smart home concepts that an environment can be formed for economic and personal reality are desirable. The environment is flexibility, sent from an authentic need, central.

TED, the conference which took place for the first time in California in 1984, spread all over the world afterwards. TED originally stood for Technology, Entertainment and Design, the current motto is “Ideas worth spreading”. In this context, the TEDx program, a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience, as in Veghel on June 10. TED stands for a wide variety of qualitative speakers.