Last month Solar Power Europe launches the ‘Solar O&M Best Practices Mark’. With this self-certification-based label, Solar Power Europe acknowledges the importance of O&M within the solar business case, and the value of it for all stakeholders.

As part of the task force developing this new standard, Autarco is now using its experience to move the industry forward. With our unique kWh guarantee, like no other we know the importance of proper maintenance in order to ayour return of investment. A well designed and installed PV system with high quality products is not the complete story, only with a proper O&M contract in place you will be certain to get the best possible ROI over the complete lifespan. As our industry matures, the install-and-forget mentality we still see too often should not longer be accepted. Not by investors and system owners, nor by installers. This is one of the reasons why Autarco updated its kWh guarantee policy. By doing so, we acknowledge the importance of good O&M and high quality asset management, and respect both the owner’s and the installer’s time and effort. From now on, we are able to offer higher guaranteed and insured yields for utility scale installations, when a proper O&M contract is in place.