Recently Autarco made a significant improvement to its Helios software. From this moment on, registering a system and setting up the monitoring no longer takes place in MyAutarco, but directly in Helios. Therefore, all steps in the process from design to asset management are now in Helios. Information is automatically validated and fulfilled serial numbers are provided, to make the process from designing, quoting and registering PV-systems even more easy. The result of all this is the Digital Twin, an exact copy of the installed system, that forms the basis for our monitoring and asset management services.

Monitoring setup

On completing the monitoring setup, serial numbers for inverters and monitoring adapters are paired. With this, Autarco can collect monitoring data from the PV-systems, in order to analyze these and show them in MyAutarco. Also, a page in MyAutarco is created, that the end customer will get access to.

The following data is required in order to perform the monitoring setup:

  • End customer contact details;
  • Inverter(s) serial numbers;
  • Monitoring adapter(s) serial numbers.


On registering a system, you confirm that the system as designed in Helios exactly matches the real installation. Adding serial numbers and pictures completes the administration, that will be verified by Autarco. Once verified, the kWh guarantee can be issued.

In the registration process the following information needs to be confirmed and provided:

  • End customer contact details;
  • Installation address;
  • Layout;
  • Valid inverter selection and string plan;
  • Completed monitoring setup;
  • Solar panels serial numbers;
  • Pictures.