High power output of over 200 Wp/m2

Powerful panels up to 375Wp, featuring multi-busbar technology and 120 halfcut monocrystalline cells

A combination of innovations

Our latest solar panel series features 166mm large-size silicon wafers and monocrystalline PERC cells. The new panels come with the same innovative design features introduced with the MHE series allowing high power output of more than 200Wp/m2. Based on superior multi-busbar technology, the MHI series integrates advanced halfcut cells and non-destructive cutting.

The MHI series now comes with a 12 year product warranty and insured 25 year power output guarantee to 83.1%, thanks to our experience in manufacturing halfcut and multi-busbar technology.

MHI series key features

  • 166 mm large-size silicon wafers
  • Monocrystalline PERC cells
  • Available from 355 to 375Wp
  • Innovative design with high power output of over 200 Wp/m2
  • Superior multi-busbar technology, halfcut cells and non-destructive cutting
  • 12 year product guarantee
  • 25 year power output guarantee to 83.1%
  • PID resistant
  • Available in standard, black frame and full black

Additional benefits of Autarco’s total solution approach

  • Insured kWh guarantee: Our total solution approach allows us to insure kWh performance, when yields are lower than promised the foundation compensates in cash.
  • Reduce fire risk: The entire Autarco solution is provided with Staubli MC4 connectors for reduced fire risk together with our inverter integrated AFCI detection.
  • System design software: Helios software ensures mounting materials are automatically compatible with new MHI dimensions.

Deliveries of MHI365 and MHI370 are available from July. From today our Authorized Dealers are able to make system designs in Helios using the new MHI series. For more details view the full technical details below or download the datasheet.

View MHI technical details