In november of 2019 Van Herp Solar Solutions installed an Autarco total solution on the roofs of the school Sint-Janslyceum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This system consists of powerful Autarco MHE solar panels, including the insured kWh guarantee.

It’s important to the school that they contribute to a better world and environment by generating their own solar energy. Since the installation of the solar energy system they have become more aware of their power usage and the amount they generate with the solar panels.

System size

245 kWp

Solar panels

732x MHE of 335 Wp
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4x Autarco inverters
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Mounting system

Matrix symmetrical
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Van Herp Solar Solutions

A total solution of 732 powerful Autarco MHE solar panels

This solar PV system of 245 kWp consists of 732 Autarco MHE solar panels of which the yield is inverted by two Autarco UX inverters of 60 kW and two XLX inverters of 25 kW. The MHE series are highly innovative solar panels, made from 120 halfcut cells with multi-wire technology. These panels no longer have bus-bars resulting in superior reliability and high performance.

Sint-Janslyceum benefits from the unique kWh guarantee thanks to the Autarco total solution of inverters and solar panels. The system was designed beforehand in our Helios software. Using accurate aerial photos and innovative calculations Helios can automatically calculate the expected yield of the system, which is 218 MWh in the first year. This is insured by the kWh Guarantee Foundation, meaning for every kWh below the expected yield the school will receive a financial compensation. The business case that was calculated beforehand will for sure be met. A very safe and reliable investment.

“For us it is important to contribute to a better world and greener environment.”

Dorien van de Camp – Head of facilities

3 quick questions to Dorien van de Camp, head of facilities

Why did you choose an Autarco solution?

We chose Autarco because of their knowledgeable explanation of their products and their great references. The total solar solution appealed to us as all products are from one brand, which is important for the best performance and safety. That’s also why they can offer the insured kWh guarantee, making sure we meet the business case that was calculated beforehand. The service and support is also great, the system is automatically monitored at a distance and the installer gets notified when there’s an issue.

What’s the reason for choosing solar to become more sustainable?

As a school we aim to contribute to a better world and greener environment by generation our own solar energy. It’s also nice that we save on our energy bill.

How was the cooperation between the school and the installer?

The cooperation with the installer was great, they kept us up to date on the progress and they were really experienced with Autarco.

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