Intelligent energy solutions by Autarco and Tigo

For rooftops with a lot of shade, or in cases where insurers require that the voltage of the solar power system can be reduced to a safe voltage, Autarco, in combination with Tigo optimizers, offers a highly intelligent energy solution where safety and cost efficiency are paramount.

In addition to major cost benefits and lower installation costs, our intelligent technology reduces the risk of errors and connector mismatch. Autarco is the only Dutch brand that offers a total solar solution in which all parts are developed in-house. This way we can guarantee that all connectors of an Autarco system are equipped with original MC4 connectors from Staubli. This relatively small adjustment significantly reduces fire risk and makes Autarco systems one of the safest on the market.

The benefits of these optimizers

Great cost benefits in the calculation

The biggest advantage of Tigo, in combination with Autarco, is that only the panels that suffer from shadow fall need to be fitted with Tigo optimizers. But then you must be able to determine which panels these are! This is very easy with the Helios software from Autarco.

The result: savings of up to 10,000 euros on a 150 kWp system compared to a SolarEdge system, for example, where the entire roof is always provided with optimizers, even though most panels do not suffer from shade.

For instance:

  • A roof with 500 panels, of which only 20 panels are shaded.
  • 250 SolarEdge duo optimizers, cost € 12500 (estimate)
  • 20 pieces of Tigo optimizers, costs € 540

The saving is therefore almost € 12,000 in material costs. This does not even include the additional installation costs of installing 230 optimizers.

Selective application with different Tigos

Autarco works with both the Tigo optimizer (TS4-A-O) and the safety module (TS4-A-S). These two products differ in function but also in price and can be used in combination in a solar power system. If an insurer requires that the entire roof can be switched back to low voltage immediately, then you only apply optimizers to the panels that are actually in the shade. On the other panels you apply the cheaper safety modules, which only ensure that the panel goes back to 1V when necessary. The combination means that you can optimize the business case for your customer because you are more specific and cheaper but just as safe!

Lower installation costs

In cases where there is only limited shade on the roof, an installer can save considerably on installation costs, as far fewer Tigo optimizers are installed.

Less chance of errors

It is often underestimated: optimizers increase the risk of errors because there is more electronics on the roof. Using the Helios design software developed by Autarco, users are able to reduce shadow drop to less than 5% loss in most cases. In such a case, it is not economically profitable to include optimizers in the system because the additional returns from optimizers do not contribute positively to the business case of your customer. A normal system with string inverter in combination with the kWh guarantee guaranteed by Lloyd’s of London is the best solution.

Why? Optimizers are precious. In addition, with optimizers you increase the number of connections on the roof and electronics are placed on the roof, which can also break. Because Autarco, in combination with Tigo optimizers, minimizes the number of optimizers required, and precisely adjusts it to the actual economic need, such a system is less susceptible to malfunctions than, for example, a SolarEdge system with many more optimizers on the same roof surface.

Module level rapid shutdown and arc fault detection

Tigo optimizers (in combination with Autarco), like competing systems, have the option to switch high voltage on the roof back to a safe voltage if necessary (or required by insurance). All Autarco inverters are also equipped with arc fault detection.

But with Autarco, arcs are not only detected. They are also prevented. In a SolarEdge system,different makes of MC4 plugs are clicked together. An Autarco system is much safer, because Autarco only uses original Staubli MC4 plugs on panels, inverters and Tigo optimizers.

Autarco, in combination with Tigo, offers a full-fledged solution that ensures that the risk of fire due to electric arcs and connector mismatch is minimized, while any extinguishing work can be carried out safely because there is no high voltage present.

About Autarco

We are a Dutch company specialized in solar power solutions for pitched and flat roofs. As a solar producer we focus on what we are good at: innovation and delivering optimal total solutions. We have a strong network of Authorized Dealers who are specialized in the installation and maintenance of Autarco solar power systems.

The advantages of an Autarco system at a glance:

– One complete solar power system (solar panels, inverters, mounting system, monitoring software, cables, connectors, etc.) from one Dutch brand.

– Unique kilowatt-hour (kWh) guarantee insured by Lloyd’s of London

– 24/7 system monitoring

– Seamless integration into the Helios design system

– Asset Management

– Monitoring per panel possible via the Tigo portal