Autarco introduces solar panels with a maximum power output of 410Wp

MHJ serie zonnepanelen

MHJ series

Autarco introduces the MHJ series solar panels. Efficient solar panels with a maximum power of 410Wp and dimensions of 1708 x 1133 millimeters. The panel features 108 cells, each measuring 182 x 91 millimeter. The MHJ series comes with a 25-year insured linear power guarantee of up to 84.8%.

The solar panels of this MHJ series use semi-cut monocrystalline PERC cells with advanced multiwire technology to deliver higher efficiency without sacrificing reliability at a nominal voltage of 1500V DC. The panels have an innovative design with a high power output of more than 212 Wp / m2.

Mounting solutions

The MHJ Series delivers a higher power module without causing headaches on the install side. The low weight (21.5kg) and short length (1708mm) make it perfect for pitched roof and small-medium commercial projects. All mounting materials are automatically proposed based on the digital twin in our design software Helios. 

When installing on pitched roofs new rail lengths will be proposed to match the new module widths. For flat roof systems, there are new base units, carriers and carrier supports.

80% of sales

The MHJ series panels are already available in Helios, Autarco’s design portal, and will be available for delivery in September 2021.

In addition to the MHJ series, we will soon be introducing three more panels that use 182mm and 210mm cells with a maximum power output of 450 Wp, 500 Wp and 605 Wp. As the market for solar panels develops, we expect that by 2022 80% of our turnover will consist of the sale of these 182 x 210mm cell panels.

About Autarco’s Total Solution

Autarco is the only manufacturer to supply a solar energy system in which all components are developed in-house and therefore connect seamlessly. Because of this total solution, Autarco can also offer the kWh guarantee, with which you are guaranteed to save on your energy bill in the long term.

The performance of your Autarco system is insured through the independent KWH Guarantee Fund Foundation in collaboration with the world’s largest insurer Lloyd’s Of London. Is the system performing less? Then the difference is simply paid out in cash.