Systems with a kWh guarantee and active performance monitoring perform significantly better

Autarco is the only Dutch brand of solar power systems with an insured kWh guarantee. The value of this yield guarantee and the associated service and maintenance that is provided is enormous. Research into the performance of 5000 PV systems has shown that Autarco systems with a kWh guarantee perform three times better than comparable systems without.

Because we see an increase in the demand for revenue and PR (performance ratio) guarantees and operations and maintenance services, a number of things will change as of June 17, 2021.

Costs per kilowatt hour reduced

The free yield guarantee for the first five years after installation disappears. Instead, Autarco introduces two different kWh guarantees:

  • A Standard kWh guarantee insured by Autarco
  • A Premium kWh guarantee insured by the kWh guarantee fund foundation and Lloyd’s of London

Since the free kWh warranty for the first five years will disappear, the costs will increase slightly. However, this is more than offset by a reduction in the costs of yield guarantees for a period of ten or fifteen years. These are sometimes more than half cheaper.

Extra income for dealers through the sale of the kWh guarantee

Autarco dealers can generate extra income with the sale of the kWh guarantee. Autarco pays a commission for each kWh guarantee sold. There is also a chance of a performance bonus. This allows our dealers to benefit from recurring revenues and increase their net margin by up to 40%.

Operations and maintenance contract mandatory

For systems larger than 30 kWp, it is mandatory to conclude a service and maintenance contract. An Autarco dealer can choose to offer a service and maintenance contract themselves or have Autarco manage the service and maintenance.

Higher guaranteed return

We noticed that when the sun is low in the sky, we estimate the production of the solar panels too high. On an annual basis, our indication was correct. To make our calculations even more accurate, we’ve introduced things like angle reflection and an improved model for shading between the rows. This makes it possible to calculate the expected yield of a solar power system even more accurately than before. That is why we can now issue a higher yield guarantee.

P.R. Guarantees

Autarco will now also issue fully insured Performance Ratio (PR) guarantees to customers based on current satellite data. PR guarantees will only be issued for PV systems larger than 30 kWp.