How to monetize the kWh guarantee?

Autarco dealers can now generate additional income from the sale of the kWh guarantee starting the 17th of June 2021. For each kWh guarantee sold, Autarco pays a commission of 10% of the total amount to the dealer. There is also a chance of a performance bonus if the installed systems generate high yields. This allows our dealers to benefit from recurring revenue and increase their net margin by up to 40%.

Additional income

Autarco dealers can extend the customer lifecycle with the sale of the kWh guarantee and operations and maintenance packages (O&M). For projects larger than 30 kilowatts, the purchase of a service and maintenance package in combination with a kWh guarantee is mandatory. In this way we guarantee safe solar power systems that perform well.

Various constructions are possible in which:

  • Autarco issues the kWh guarantee to the end customer and Autarco provides full service and maintenance.
  • Autarco issues the kWh guarantee to the end customer and provides the dealer with service and maintenance.
  • Autarco issues the kWh guarantee to the end-customer and no O&M contract is required (only for systems less than 30 kilowatts!)

Depending on the sold construction (kWh warranty and Service & Maintenance), the dealer receives at least a commission of 10% of the total sales amount. This commission is paid annually or once every five years. There is also a performance bonus for dealers with systems that deliver between 100 and 115% of the estimated return.

For instance:

A 250 kW Autarco system with 15 years of standard service and maintenance and a 15-year premium guarantee (0.10/kWh) can generate a total of € 6,000 in recurring revenues (0.024/Wp).


If a dealer installs three Megawatts of Autarco solar panels per year with 15 years of standard service and maintenance plus a 15-year standard guarantee (0.10/kWh), this can generate a total of € 27,000 in revenue. If the systems perform above average, the dealer will also receive a performance bonus of € 9000.

If the same dealer sells the Premium kWh warranty instead of the standard kWh warranty, the commission will increase to 36,000 over a period of 15 years.

“By selling the Autarco kWh guarantee and O&M packages our dealers can increase their net margin up to 40%”

Dan Horan, CEO Autarco

A standard and premium guarantee

Autarco offers customers the option to choose from two different kWh guarantees:

  • A standard kWh guarantee insured by Autarco on a portfolio level
  • A premium kWh guarantee insured individually by the kWh guarantee fund foundation and Lloyd’s of London

Insuring the yield of a solar power system is possible from € 0.10 per kWh with a standard kWh guarantee.

About Autarco

Autarco is the only producer to supply a solar energy system in which all components are developed in-house and therefore connect seamlessly. Thanks to this total solution, Autarco can also offer the kWh guarantee, with which you are guaranteed to save on your energy bill in the long term.

The performance of your Autarco system is insured through the independent Stichting kWh-guarantee fund in collaboration with the world’s largest insurer Lloyd’s Of London. Is the system underperforming? Then the difference is simply paid out in cash per kilowatt hour missed.