Autarco introduces the complete design service. With the complete design service you can save time since our Autarco sales engineers will take over the entire design process for you.

This perfectly fits in our “Do what you do best, we do the rest” proposition, where we support our dealers as much as possible. Examples of this are our active performance monitoring and marketing support. With this proposition, our dealers are able to fully focus on growing their business. Contact your Autarco account manager if you are interested in knowing more about this service and the prices.

Don’t need the full design service but still want the assurance that your projects are modelled as efficiently as possible? We will optimise your project free of charge if the following data are added to your Helios design:

  • The azimuth, height and slope of the roof are known.
  • Solar panel- and mounting system type are known
  • It is clear which roof surfaces are selected
  • An inverter is selected