Optimizing a system design can be a tedious task, taking much of your time. With our most recent addition to Helios, that belongs to the past. With our new direct shade visualization, feedback on your system design is now only one click away! No need to wait for the yield calculations to finish, see the effect of your design choices instantly.

An important part of designing a well performing PV system is dealing with shade on the solar panels. Of course you want to have as little shading as possible, but in most designs this can’t be omitted fully. Therefore it’s important to know how shading is affecting the solar panels, so you can adjust your design to the situation. Direct shade visualization allows you to investigate and mitigate shading effects on the modules in your design, to make sure you end up with the most efficient solution for your customer.

When shade is visualized in Helios, all solar panels will show a colour to indicate their shade losses due to obstacles in the direct environment. With this information you can easily see which solar panels are not effective and choose to delete them. It will also help you to create your string plan in such a way that shaded solar panels are combined as much as possible.

You can select the shade visualisation feature by clicking on the symbol below the “calculate azimuth feature”

Yet another step in making solar simple and helping our dealers to offer the best PV-system design to their customers.

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