Our mission at Autarco is to contribute to a world in which people live together in harmony with others and their environment. that is why we are deeply saddened by the situation in Ukraine. One of our valued business partners (Enirgy in Vught, North Brabant) have set up a wonderful campaign which aims to help Ukrainian refugees. For each kWp Enirgy installs (up to 4 kWp projects), Autarco will donate €50 to Lionsclub De Meierij, an international non-political organisation that is committed to helping refugees in crisis areas such as Ukraine. Read more about this charity campaign via this link

Lionsclub de Meierij

Lionsclub de Meierij is a branch of the global Lionsclub organisation that is committed to helping refugees in crisis areas. Local Lions club organisations (such as Lionsclub de Meierij) can contribute through donations to an international aid fund, the Lionsclub International Fund (LCIF). The LCIF is managed by the Lionsclub organisation itself. The LCIF also has a fund that is used exclusively to help Ukrainian refugees, the “Ukraine Relief Grant”. Autarco’s donations go to this fund. If you would like to read more about the Ukraine Relief Grant you can do so via this link

How are the donations going to be used?

The Ukraine Relief Grant fund enables Lions contacts in crisis areas to support refugees through grants. These grants are used to provide water, food, diapers, blankets, medical supplies, hygiene products and sleeping bags to those who need them most. Lion contacts are mostly local Lions Club organisations (such as Lionsclub de Meierij) in countries such as Poland, Armenia, Romania and Ukraine itself. This ensures that the donations are fully used to help the refugees and it is transparent how the donations are being used. In addition, Lionsclub De Meierij, the LCIF and the local Lions contacts do not incur any costs so the entire donation can be used to help the refugees as much as possible, something we find very important!

A complete overview of how the Ukrainian Relief Grant is used to help Ukrainian refugees can be found via this link.

Fundraiser event

Moreover, Lionsclub de Meierij will organize a fundraiser on September 11th . The entire proceeds of the fundraiser will be donated to to the Ukrainian Relief Grant. We will let you know more information about the tickets sales about the fundraiser once we know more information via our social media channels.