Autarco inverters power innovative SolaRoad

In the end of 2016, the pilot project for the innovative SolaRoad concept was expanded, when ten new metres were added to the existing bicycle path in Krommenie, the Netherlands. This innovative project investigates the possibilities to unlock the large potential of using road surface to harnass the sun’s power. Autarco micro-inverters were installed in this phase, experimenting with different types of modules and road surfaces.

Autarco named in top 3 innovative businesses

Anne-Marie Rakhorst is a successful entrepreneur and a much sought-after speaker on sustainability. In the program Booming Brabant she pronounces her personal top 3 of most innovative Brabant companies, including Autarco because of the ‘real demand-driven solution they offer’.

The importance of the kWh guarantee

Roel van den Berg, our CEO, explains his vision on the solar market and why a guaranteed output of PV systems is so important for installers and owners. This interview was broadcast on a special on sustainable energy on Dutch television.