Dealer testimonial National de Tongelreep project

In cooperation with Van Hout we have realised the Tongelreep project, which now has over 3000 Autarco solar panels on the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium. Of course we are very proud of this! Watch the video below for the final result of this beautiful project.

Design your systems more faster and efficiently in Helios

The new Helios software update ensures significant improvements in two areas: 

  • Design panel layouts faster
  • More efficient ballast layout

Thanks to technical improvements in Helios, it takes less time to design panel layouts, ensuring you can go from design to offer faster. It is now easier to select, move and copy panels, and dilations in arrays are automatically and clearly implemented in the design.

Moreover, a new, more accurate ballast calculation is now used for the Autarco Matrix mounting system. This allows for a more precise allocation of the ballast, ensuring a system design does not become heavier than necessary. With this update, ballast layouts for the Matrix Symmetrical mounting system can now also be created. 

Relax and save time with the Autarco design service

Autarco introduces the complete design service. With the complete design service you can save time since our Autarco sales engineers will take over the entire design process for you.

This perfectly fits in our “Do what you do best, we do the rest” proposition, where we support our dealers as much as possible. Examples of this are our active performance monitoring and marketing support. With this proposition, our dealers are able to fully focus on growing their business. Contact your Autarco account manager if you are interested in knowing more about this service and the prices.

Don’t need the full design service but still want the assurance that your projects are modelled as efficiently as possible? We will optimise your project free of charge if the following data are added to your Helios design:

  • The azimuth, height and slope of the roof are known.
  • Solar panel- and mounting system type are known
  • It is clear which roof surfaces are selected
  • An inverter is selected

Autarco drone met infrarood camera Video

Drone inspecties maken het mogelijk om heel snel, grote aantallen zonnepanelen te inspecteren en doelgericht eventuele problemen te verhelpen.

Met onder andere infrarood cameras helpen drones om heel gericht issues zoals degradatie en string-storingen op te sporen en daarna op te lossen.

In onderstaande video zijn wij samen met Dutch Drone Company het dak opgegaan bij Nexus Corporation in Vianen om in levende lijve een drone inspectie te zien.

From 2021 to 2023 solar panels will also fall under the ISDE subsidy

From 2021 to 2023 solar panels also fall under the ISDE subsidy

In the Netherlands, subsidies tumble over each other. Each subsidy is intended to contribute to the sustainable energy transition in the Netherlands. Most subsidies are not product-specific, which means that it is not clear which subsidies are useful for specific business cases. Therefore we are putting the ISDE subsidy in the spotlight, which is especially useful for businesses. 

ISDE stands for Investment Investerings Subsidie Duurzame Energie (Subsidy Sustainable Energy in English) and was created for both private and business users. It offers subsidies for various projects such as the purchase of heat pumps, solar boilers, connecting to a heat network and for 5 types of insulation materials. The ISDE has been present in the landscape since 2016 and will remain available until at least 2030. Temporarily solar panels will also fall under the ISDE, namely from 2021 to 2023.

The difference between the ISDE subsidy and the more well known SDE++. 

The SDE++ is better known as Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie (Stimulating Sustainable Energy Production in English) for large user connections (everything above 3×80 Ampere). The ISDE was created for the so-called small users with a connection up to 3×80 Ampere.

You can check what kind of connection you have by looking at the invoice from your energy supplier, which will show the costs of the grid manager. With a high-volume connection, you pay these costs directly to the grid manager rather than to the energy supplier.

With a small consumer connection, you as a business user have the opportunity to install up to approximately 160 panels of 380 Watt peak. It is advantageous if you can then receive a subsidy of €125 per kW of combined peak capacity.

There are, however, a number of conditions are required to successfully apply for the ISDE:

  • A connection for small consumption, maximum 3×80 Ampere.
  • In the previous year, you have a net consumption of at least 50,000 kWh;
  • You can apply for ISDE for a capacity between 15 and 100 kWp;
  • You have to put the solar panels into use within 12 months;
  • They have been installed by a recognised construction or installation company;
  • The panels are installed on or in your building.

To avoid problems, the order in which you apply for the ISDE is important. You start with a request for a quotation for the solar panels, then you apply for the subsidy and only after approval do you sign the purchase agreement.

Would you also like to help your end customer with the application of ISDE subsidy? Autarco can submit the full application for the subsidy for just €100. This will be settled when the project is accepted and delivered.

Tip! Do you have a connection above 3x80A? In  this case you can apply for the SDE++ subsidy. Autarco can help you with this!

Dutch school invests in sustainable energy from Autarco

In november of 2019 Van Herp Solar Solutions installed an Autarco total solution on the roofs of the school Sint-Janslyceum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This system consists of powerful Autarco MHE solar panels, including the insured kWh guarantee.

It’s important to the school that they contribute to a better world and environment by generating their own solar energy. Since the installation of the solar energy system they have become more aware of their power usage and the amount they generate with the solar panels.

System size

245 kWp

Solar panels

732x MHE of 335 Wp
More details


4x Autarco inverters
More details

Mounting system

Matrix symmetrical
More details


Van Herp Solar Solutions

A total solution of 732 powerful Autarco MHE solar panels

This solar PV system of 245 kWp consists of 732 Autarco MHE solar panels of which the yield is inverted by two Autarco UX inverters of 60 kW and two XLX inverters of 25 kW. The MHE series are highly innovative solar panels, made from 120 halfcut cells with multi-wire technology. These panels no longer have bus-bars resulting in superior reliability and high performance.

Sint-Janslyceum benefits from the unique kWh guarantee thanks to the Autarco total solution of inverters and solar panels. The system was designed beforehand in our Helios software. Using accurate aerial photos and innovative calculations Helios can automatically calculate the expected yield of the system, which is 218 MWh in the first year. This is insured by the kWh Guarantee Foundation, meaning for every kWh below the expected yield the school will receive a financial compensation. The business case that was calculated beforehand will for sure be met. A very safe and reliable investment.

“For us it is important to contribute to a better world and greener environment.”

Dorien van de Camp – Head of facilities

3 quick questions to Dorien van de Camp, head of facilities

Why did you choose an Autarco solution?

We chose Autarco because of their knowledgeable explanation of their products and their great references. The total solar solution appealed to us as all products are from one brand, which is important for the best performance and safety. That’s also why they can offer the insured kWh guarantee, making sure we meet the business case that was calculated beforehand. The service and support is also great, the system is automatically monitored at a distance and the installer gets notified when there’s an issue.

What’s the reason for choosing solar to become more sustainable?

As a school we aim to contribute to a better world and greener environment by generation our own solar energy. It’s also nice that we save on our energy bill.

How was the cooperation between the school and the installer?

The cooperation with the installer was great, they kept us up to date on the progress and they were really experienced with Autarco.

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Agro-entrepreneur invests in sustainability with help of SDE+

ETB van Lanen sold an Autarco total solution to agro-entrepreneur Jan de Haas in April of 2020, after which they’ve installed it in May. A system consisting of 878 powerful MHE series solar panels totaling 294 kWp.

Thanks to the SDE+ subsidy De Haas was able to invest in sustainable energy through solar. This PV total solution is one of many efforts made by the company to make the entire business more sustainable.

System size

294 kWp

Solar panels

878x MHE series 335 Wp
More details


UX inverters up to 60 kW
More details

Mounting system

Apex R5
More details


ETB van Lanen
More details

335Wp Autarco total solution of 878 powerful solar panels

This 294 kWp solar PV system consists of 878 MHE series solar panels of 335 Wp. The yield is inverted by 5 Autarco inverters of up to 60 kW. The MHE series are highly innovative solar panels, made from 120 halfcut cells with multi-wire technology. These panels no longer have bus-bars resulting in superior reliability and high performance.

ETB van Lanen sold and installed this system. They were able to model the panel layout in detail on accurate aerial photos in our free Helios software. This software package automatically calculates the expected yield based on the layout design. This way agro-entrepreneur Jan de Haas knows what to expect from his new system’s performance.

“Autarco’s total solution appealed to me because it ensures me all components work seamlessly together.”

Jan de Haas – Agro-entrepreneur

Benefitting from the SDE+ subsidy

The financial model for these kinds of projects in The Netherlands is driven largely by SDE+ subsidy, a production subsidy from the government that guarantees the market value of energy generated through renewables for a 15 year term. In other words, for the first fifteen years you receive a cash subsidy over every kWh generated. At the moment the SDE rate is just under €0.10/kWh so our insured kWh guarantee with a compensation rate of €0.10/kWh and 15 year term fits perfectly.

3 quick questions to agro-entrepreneur Jan de Haas

Why is a solar total solution important to you?

Autarco’s total solution appealed to me because it ensures me all components work seamlessly together. The inverters work beautifully together with the panels and with everything in between. Cables are really important to me too as you sometimes hear about fire hazards when cables don’t connect properly. With a total solution from one supplier that’s not an issue.

What’s the reason for choosing solar to become more sustainable?

Sustainability is something we have to improve continuously, both now and in the future. With our new solar PV system we’re able to produce our own energy which we use in our company.

Can you share some details about your solar PV system?

The Autarco system we chose for consists of more than enough solar panels to cover our needs. The inverters are equipped with a system that makes sure the main fuse isn’t overloaded when production is high.

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Are Autarco modules bankable?

Yes, Autarco modules are bankable. ABN Amro, Triodos, ASN and most major banks in The Netherlands are willing to finance projects using Autarco’s products. If this isn’t the meaning of bankable, then what is?

We could end there and have the shortest blog post ever. However, we are aware that our proposition is different to other component brands and are happy to explain more. Autarco handles product risks and product quality better than any component brand and we can back that claim up with reports from independent and well recognized companies in the industry as well as historical system performance data.

We are very proud of our approach to manufacturing high quality and reliable products and have nothing to hide.

What is our manufacturing approach?

Autarco does not own any factories ourselves. We have our own designs and specifications that are tighter than the industry standard and then contract the best factories in the market to manufacture these products on our behalf. This is a modern approach to manufacturing that is the standard in many industries more mature than the relatively young solar PV industry. Good examples are the electronics and automobile industries where brands work with a variety of specialized component manufacturers and themselves focus on design, assembly and service.

This approach not only allows us to deliver exceptional levels of quality and reliability, but also gives greater flexibility in rapidly changing markets, such as the solar market we are in.

Where do we produce our products?

Our MHE Series modules are produced by Chint, a global electronics giant with annual revenues greater than US$10bn. Founded in 1984, Chint has developed a business network in over 140 countries and regions with more than 30,000 employees. Chint’s solar brand Astronergy is one of the most recognized brands in the market and is regularly featured in:

  • DNV GL Top Performer in all tests (Thermal Cycling / Damp Heat / PID).
  • Bloomberg Tier 1 lists.

How does solar panel production actually work?

Typically products are defined and produced as follows:

  • A single certified product code relates to a set of endorsed components (cells, backsheet, glass, etc.) called a Constructional Data Form (CDF) or simply a Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • For each component in the solar panel there is a range of certified suppliers of higher and lower quality, meaning it is possible to have different levels of quality within the same product code. Without proper control, buyers should assume they will get the most convenient (cheapest) option.
  • The certificate will also list a number of allowed factories. Many of the other “OEM” factories are smaller locations with poorer quality equipment, lower automation and looser quality control than the main factory. Even within the main factory, different production lines will often have different levels of automation and equipment age.
  • The module will have a production process with criteria for each step with regards to tolerances that are acceptable. This defines among other things the number and length of micro-cracks that are allowed before a module is deemed to be defective.

So when you buy a solar panel from a factory or third party without knowing the exact BOM, production location and quality specifications you may be receiving an inferior product to one that the same brand would use in their own projects. Component brands know they can get away with delivering cheaper versions to the rooftop/distribution market and as long as there are no massive failures, lower performance will have no consequence for them.

How does Autarco manage quality

Autarco has a stake in the performance of all of our systems so we do everything possible to control quality:

  • We restrict the components used to a specified BOM of only the best components.
  • We only allow production on the most advanced production lines.
  • We enforce higher quality specifications than industry standard.

In this manner, an Autarco module is not just identical to any other module produced by Astronergy, it is in actual fact likely to be of superior quality. To give two concrete examples with the MHE series (without going into nerdy quality assurance details):

  • We only use the superior original Staubli MC4 on our modules, while Astronergy normally uses an MC4-like connector.
  • We have tighter dimension tolerances than Astronergy normally applies, to remove inconvenient gaps in the middle of the modules and issues during installation.
  • We apply stricter cell sorting to ensure a more aesthetic module.

We have third party audit and quality reports available on request if required.

What about warranties and guarantees?

At Autarco we believe intensely in the benefits of our total solution approach with insured performance guarantees. A performance guarantee that financially compensates when the system is underperforming is far more meaningful to rooftop solar owners than the solar panel component warranties, but any system performance guarantee we offer is always in addition to all the industry standard solar panel warranties, including:

  • 10 year product warranty
  • 25 or 30 year power output guarantee

Our agreements with Chint have the following statements;

“Chint declares hereby that all PV modules produced for Autarco Group BV or any of its subsidiaries are covered by the Chint “Limited Product Warranty” and 25 year “Limited Peak Power Warranty” terms on which you find enclosed.

The above means that, in case Autarco Group BV is no longer actively trading, any warranty claim against a faulty PV module manufactured by Chint for Autarco Group BV or any of its subsidiaries will be honoured by Chint as per the “Limited Product Warranty” and 25 year “Limited Peak Power Warranty” terms provided that it is a proven product defect.”

The solar panel Warranties are also fully insured by Munich Re or Lloyd’s of London.

The Dealer and end customer in effect receive four different levels of security on the warranties:

  1. Autarco: Primary and EU based cover
  2. Chint: Underwrite Autarco product warranty
  3. Product Warranty Insurer: Underwrite Chint product warranty
  4. kWh Guarantee Insurer: Underwrite Autarco kWh Guarantee


Our manufacturing approach means Autarco will never be listed in the Bloomberg Module Tier 1 list ourselves as one of the requirements is to own the factory. However, the Autarco MHE Series module is at least as good as the Astronergy modules on the list. Bankability is a measure of a banks willingness to finance a project and we have never experienced a bank unwilling to finance an Autarco project, conversely, our partners have typically been able to lend at lower rates thanks to the security provided by our insured performance guarantees.

In short, yes, Autarco modules are bankable.

Eindhoven invests in sustainability with 2.564 solar panels on 5 buildings

The municipality of Eindhoven is investing in sustainable energy through solar installations. Recently five municipality owned buildings were fitted with Autarco solar panels. A total of 2.564 solar panels will generate about 800.000 kWh per year, enough to power 280 households.

The scope of solar solutions in Eindhoven

The latest installation in Eindhoven is a system of 80 solar panels on the roof of Dynamo; a youth center, stage, workshop space and school all in one building. Earlier last month four other buildings in Eindhoven were fitted with solar: Parktheater, Effenaar, Sportpark Eindhoven Noord, sports hall De Vijfkamp and a tennis center.

In total there are 5.500 solar panels now on municipality owned buildings and by the end of 2020 their goal is to have 125 buildings fitted with solar panels.

  • 2.564 Autarco solar panels on 5 buildings
  • Installed by Van Hout advisors and installers
  • Generating 800.000 kWh per year
  • A total of 125 municipality owned buildings with solar by 2020
  • 5.500 solar panels in total now

“Global warming is caused by humanity and now it’s up to us to come up with a solution. As municipality we lead by example with investments in solar.”

Rik Thijs – Councilor Energy and Climate

Benefitting from the SDE+ subsidy

All government owned buildings in Eindhoven are equipped with a smart meter to keep track of the energy consumption. These meters also keep track of what’s generated in case of solar installations. Eindhoven believes that having these kinds of insights is the best start for sustainability as they can detect energy waste and optimise existing installations.

The next step is moving forward with solar and Eindhoven is advised and helped by Van Hout in getting SDE+ subsidy, making it easier to invest in solar. With the subsidy programme the Ministry aims to encourage the production of renewable energy in the Netherlands. Sustainable energy is better for the environment and it makes the Netherlands less dependent on fossil fuels. It also benefits the overall economy. Van Hout helped Eindhoven successfully get SDE+ subsidy for the solar projects.

Solar solutions in Eindhoven installed by Van Hout

Van Hout is at the forefront of mechanical engineering and sustainable energy. Van Hout is of course an expert at installing high quality systems, but it doesn’t stop there. They aim to truly add value to their clients, a challenge which ultimately sets them apart. Their advisors and installers always go the extra mile. In the case of this project this meant advising and helping Eindhoven get the SDE+ subsidy for sustainable projects.

Advisor Hans Van Hauwe: “By benefitting from the SDE+ subsidy it’s a lot easier to choose solar. With the subsidy it’s not about the cost anymore, only about the benefits.”

Fioretti College more sustainable with 312 kWp solar installation

Fioretti College was the first of nine OMO schools to become more sustainable with a total solar solution by Autarco. A system of more than a thousand PC Series solar panels, including an insured kWh guarantee.

At Fioretti College kids from the age of 12 are being prepared for the future. Kids get the opportunity to fully evolve themselves, discover their talents and develop them further. Sustainability is highly important for all OMO schools as they believe it’s their social responsibility to take action and participate in creating a more sustainable world. Solar power makes their energy usage greener and they can teach their students about solar and the need for the world to become more sustainable.

The solar installation engineered inside Autarco’s Helios software

System size

312 kWp

Solar panels

1096x PC Series of 285 Wp
More details


9x XLX of 30 kW
More details

Mounting system

Matrix symmetrical
More details

Association of schools

One of nine OMO schools with solar by Autarco
More details

Fioretti College chose highly reliable PC Series solar panels with great value for money

This solar energy system of 312 kWp consists of 1096 PC Series solar panels which produce energy that’s inverted by nine Autarco XLX inverters of 30 kW. These solar panels are tried and tested to be highly efficient and reliable. They are also very durable and have an improved performance on sunny days.

The combination of Autarco inverters and solar panels enables Fioretti College to benefit from the unique kWh guarantee. The Helios design software automatically calculates the expected yield, which is insured by the kWh guarantee foundation. For every missed kWh Fioretti College will receive a financial compensation. The business case that was calculated beforehand will for sure be met. A very safe and reliable investment.

“We’re certain our investment will pay itself back, allowing us to free up budget in other areas to invest in teachers for example.”

Eric Hoogland – Project Manager Housing at OMO

3 quick questions to Eric Hoogland, project manager housing at OMO

What’s the reason for choosing solar to become more sustainable?

Sustainability is very important to us, we believe it’s our social responsibility to make our schools more sustainable. We also believe it’s important to educate our students on the importance of taking care of our planet. The best way to do this is by going solar and educating them on how solar works and why it’s important.

Why have you decided to go for an Autarco system?

In our opinion buying a system from Autarco has multiple benefits. The most important one is the fact Autarco only works with their own components, making for a reliable and efficient total solution. Also important to us is the fact that Autarco is a Dutch brand with support in Dutch when needed.

What is in your opinion the added value of a business case with kWh guarantee?

Ultimately the financial reward of a solar installation is also important, besides the increased sustainability of our schools. With a kWh guarantee we’re certain our investment will pay itself back and more. This allows us to free up budget in other areas to invest in teachers for example.

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