Autarco modules on their way to the South Pole

Late november Edwin and Liesbeth left for the South Pole for their ‘Clean2Antarctica‘ mission. The first net-zero-energy and zero-waste expedition on the continent, with the aim of generating attention for climate change and inspiring people to take action.

Reaching the geographical South Pole will take the team thirty days and 2400 kilometres, in an ice desert where the sun never sets. So it makes perfect sense that solar energy is selected to power their vehicle. The Solar Voyager consists of a truck and two trailers that are outfitted with ten Autarco modules. Because of the strong reflections from the snow we opted for so-called bifacial panels, where both sides generate electricity. The panels are fixed with a dismountable system, if the wind blows too hard, the top row must be removed so that the trailer does not tip over. With even more wind all modules are taken off and the Solar Voyager is anchored until the storm sets.

Mother nature decided that only after eighty kilometers Edwin and Liesbeth had to temporarily halt their journey because of a blizzard. This lasted a day and a half and unfortunately it happened again only a day later. But as Edwin says ” even if we don’t always like turbulence, sometimes we need it, just a little bit. Turbulence can set into motion a new state of things”. Curious about the Wondering about the continuation? You can now follow the Solar Voyager via the live feed.

Operations & Maintenance for rooftop solar

The Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Best Practices Guide Version 3 was released last week at the annual O&M and Asset Management Conference in London. The latest version, developed by Solar Power Europe together with industry experts, now includes a chapter on distributed solar of which Autarco is very proud to be the leading author. The Guide is an excellent resource and we highly recommend all of our Dealers to take the time to read it carefully. O&M is not only critical to guarantee the long term performance of systems, but is also a huge opportunity for Dealers to develop long term relationship with their customers and generate stable and recurring revenue.

Recognition of Autarco's industry leadership.

The Guide covers key topics such as;

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Recommended Response Times
  • Innovations and Trends

In recognition of the hard work and expertise provided by Autarco in the development of this chapter, our CFO, Dan Horan, was invited to make a keynote speech to introduce the new chapter. He explained during his presentation, “In the utility sector, asset owners are professionals who are knowledgeable about the risks of solar and have assistance from independent engineering, legal and insurance experts. As a result manufacturers, EPC’s and O&M suppliers are held accountable over the full 25-30 year life of a system. In contrast, distributed/rooftop system owners are preoccupied with other matters and don’t necessarily know the first thing about solar. This is made worse by the traditional distributed supply chain which involves a flow of individually branded components that flow through distributors, installers and then finally to the system owner. In most cases the risk and complexity flow down with the components and accumulate with a system owner who is ill-equipped to deal with them and often forgotten after installation.”

Best practises maximise return on investment.

One of our primary purposes at Autarco is to simultaneously remove that risk from both the system owner and the installers. We do this by remaining a stakeholder in the systems performance:

  • Being accountable for the quality and performance of our products.
  • Providing the necessary tools to our Partners to ensure the system design, install and financial modelling is done to the highest standard with the highest ease.
  • Providing intelligent operations (monitoring, alerting and diagnosis) and asset management (reporting) software to our Partners to enable them to easily provide maintenance services (or outsource if preferred).
  • Insuring the risk of lower irradiance and product defects

“You can’t guarantee long term performance of the best products in the world without taking long term care of them.”

Dan Horan – CFO Autarco

In partnership with our dealers.

We have complete confidence in the quality of our products, we know our partners do a great job on install and design, the final piece is to make sure long term operations and maintenance is done to the same high standards. As Horan states “You can’t guarantee long term performance of the best products in the world without taking long term care of them”. Together with our Dealers we can provide the same level of security and profitability that utility asset owners demand to our rooftop customers. Of course, if Dealers only want to install we can arrange another O&M provider to take over this responsibility.

If you are a solar installer who wants a full service end-to-end hardware and software solution that improves your bottom line, while offering your customers the best proposition in the market please get in touch with us today.

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Clean2Antarctica - update

Zero-waste expedition to the South pole

Autarco is powering the Solar Voyager vehicle in the cleanest expedition ever, Clean2Antarctica. Dutch explorer Edwin ter Velde is planning to complete the worlds first ever energy neutral and zero-waste expedition to the South Pole.

Last week, the team brought their equipment to Iceland, to see how the vehicle and its drivers behave during extreme conditions.

Find out more about the expedition on:


Zero-waste expedition to the South pole.

Autarco is powering the Solar Voyager vehicle in the cleanest expedition ever, Clean2Antarctica. Dutch explorer Edwin ter Velde is planning to complete the worlds first ever energy neutral and zero-waste expidition to the South Pole.

Read more about his mission here

The last unspoiled continent.

The South Pole is located on the Antarctic. This is the last untouched continent of the world. The Antarctic is not owned by anyone. Luckily the Antarctic Convention is in place. Military missions should not be carried out, no raw materials should be mined and nobody should leave waste behind. How swell is that! That is what the whole world needs. And that is possible, if we collaborate genuinely. We, at Autarco, want to be part of this journey, to help our next generation.

Why is there the need to go to the Antarctic, the cleanest continent in the world? With this clean expedition, it will draw attention to the Antarctic Convention, which is to be extended in 2048 so that’ the thermostat of the world’ is preserved for future generations.

A clean earth and a climate that ensures that the earth is and remains more live-able for the next generations to come. That is why it is necessary to deal with mother nature more sensibly. Nature is cyclical and change is the only constant. And needs to STOP! We need to stop burning raw materials as once they disappear, they never come back as a raw material, never ever again.

A vehicle made from waste.

The Clean2Autartica team wants to drive up and down 2300km to the South Pole with a 100% Autarco solar-powered vehicle, autonomously without outside help. The car is built from waste material like plastic in co-creation, with individuals, government, business and youngsters who use their ideas and creativity to shape the future! It will prove that it is possible to build a car with combined knowledge, purely on solar energy and through clean technology. This first solar expedition team is therefore determined to be the cleanest expedition ever! No waste, no emission! You have to follow your dreams, dare to simply do it. We, Autarco, strongly believe in this philosophy and therefore support this expedition wholeheartedly.

Autarco inverters power innovative SolaRoad

In the end of 2016, the pilot project for the innovative SolaRoad concept was expanded, when ten new metres were added to the existing bicycle path in Krommenie, the Netherlands. This innovative project investigates the possibilities to unlock the large potential of using road surfuce to harnass the sun’s power. Autarco micro-inverters were installed in this phase, experimenting with different types of modules and road surfaces.

Autarco named in top 3 innovative businesses

Anne-Marie Rakhorst is a successful entrepreneur and a much sought-after speaker on sustainability. In the program Booming Brabant she pronounces her personal top 3 of most innovative Brabant companies, including Autarco because of the ‘real demand-driven solution they offer’.

The importance of the kWh guarantee

Roel van den Berg, our CEO, explains his vision on the solar market and why a guaranteed output of PV systems is so important for installers and owners. This interview was broadcast on a special on sustainable energy on Dutch television.