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Dealer survey

Features explanation

Helps us guide our software roadmap!

As one of our valued dealers, we are asking you to help guide our software roadmap for Helios. Below you will find extra information on every feature.

Completing module layouts on 3D models.

The current method for creating module layouts used a top down perspective of the installation surface. This allows quick design in 2D, however not all module placement are visible from a bird’s eye perspective. To allow module layout placement on any surface regardless of inclination or visibility from above Autarco will develop 3D module layout design. This allows 360 degree viewing of any 3D modeled building. This includes existing and newly built sites.

Installation planning and install management.

To fully provide control and transparency in the operations and logistics for installers, Autarco is looking to develop an operational dashboard for our dealers. The dashboard will provide insight into delivery dates and provide a tool for you to manage your contractors and planned installation dates. Dealers will be able to quickly complete prerequisite tasks for order delivery as well as promptly follow up installs with the required registrations and monitoring set-up.

Understand clearly what is required to get orders released with a payments forecast  based on your credit limits and order planning.

Full string plan layouts (visual) and export to CAD.

String plans are a vital piece of information for a successful installation. To help ensure consistent installation quality Autarco is looking to develop full string plan layout visualization in Helios Remote Survey with the ability to export these layouts to other formats like CAD. This feature also includes the automatic application of existing string plans to the actual PV array.

A Helios App that makes registration, inverter settings, commissioning and monitoring config easy.

To enable installers during installation and maintenance visits a lot of the Helios functionality needs to be taken on the road. Registration, inverter settings, commissioning and monitoring configurations will be made possible on smartphone or tablet using a dedicated apps for Autarco installers. This will be a separate app from the monitoring app My Autarco, and will allow direct interfacing with the newest inverter models.

A webshop with detailed product pages in Helios.

Sometimes you just want to buy a few spare parts or fill an urgent need. Developing a webshop in Helios will enable an experience similar to that which you might expect at a standard component distributor. With this webshop, detailed product pages with nice images, specifications and downloads will also become available in Helios. Understand clearly what is required to get orders released with a payments forecast based on your credit limits and order planning

Online payment options.

Autarco is looking to expand the available options for payments of invoices with online payment methods like ideal, paypal and credit cards. These payment channels can also be used for end customer contract payments using easily shareable QR codes.

Visualization of our performance monitoring capability and improved alerting features.

Our performance monitoring capability is currently not visualized to end customers or Dealers effectively. The only expression is the increased performance this delivers for customers and the Energy Performance Index (EPI) value at system level. This feature will enable end customers to see how their system is performing compared to the digital twin and live weather conditions on a daily basis. It will also drive greater insights for Dealers and smarter performance driven alerts.

Improved support pages and troubleshooting guides and instruction videos.

FAQs and troubleshooting pages are already available at, but we know we can put much more effort into making help topics easier to find and provide more video based instructional videos. In an effort to provide our dealers with best in class support during the entire lifetime of a system Autarco will give these pages a full make-over.

A glass-glass solar module made in Europe in stock.

Covid, the Ukraine war and increased tensions between China and Taiwan have highlighted how fragile global supply chains really are while at the same time building a greater sense of wanting to support local made. We see an opportunity to produce a high-end high efficiency module that is manufactured in Europe. This module will come at a significant premium to standard modules.

System Financing: One click to offer a Financed system within Helios.

By integrating third party financing providers into Helios, we can easily give you options to finance the total installation cost of systems for your end customers - zero upfront cost solar. A fast approval process with very minimal administrative overheads can be expected.. The financial offers will be integrated into the Autarco end customer offer templates.​​​​​​