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LH series hybrid inverter

3-phase hybrid inverter

The Autarco LH series inverters offer the best and most reliable performance in its class. This hybrid inverter is compatible with li-ion batteries, ensuring a versatile storage solution.

These hybrid inverters feature a solid waterproof enclosure and use only the highest grade electrical components. The LH series feature the latest technology with advanced functionalities such as built-in grid export limiting functionality. The LH series hybrid inverters are easy to install and come with standard 5 year warranty.

These hybrid inverters form the basis of a reliable storage solution and are eligible with the kWh guarantee.

Full control over grid power exports

Compatible with li-ion batteries

DC coupled storage

Key features

Eligible for our unique kWh guarantee

Compatible with all major battery brands

We've got answers.

What is the difference between a hybrid inverter and on-grid inverter

Hybrid inverters can be connected to a battery, whilst on-grid inverters cannot. This means that you can store energy with a hybrid inverters and a battery.

What is the difference between a hybrid inverter and a retrofit battery charger?

A hybrid inverter is connected to the DC side whilst a retrofit battery charger is connected to the AC side.

Which batteries are compatible with your battery inverters?

You can find a full list of compatible batteries here

Technical stuff

General characteristics

Certified great

Certified great

Our quality control process ensures that all of our hardware is designed and built to provide safe and reliable performance, all the time. That is why our products are back by the worlds leading safety institutions.