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500 solar panels installed on roof library Tilburg University

Tilburg University now profits from Autarco total solution

The roof of the library at Tilburg University is now covered with 576 MHJ series solar panels, which further helps the university reaching their goal of becoming more sustainable. The total size of the installed system is 237 kWp, which is enough energy to provide more than 200 homes with electricity for a year. Moreover, the performance of the system is insured by our unique kWh guarantee, which is insured by Lloyds of London. If the systems yields less than promised upfront, Tilburg University will receive a cashback for evey kWh they missed.

One brand, one solution

Due to the roof being flat, this project uses 288 Autarco Matrix symmetrical mounting systems to ensure that the panels can be installed in an east-west orinetation. Given that remote location of the installation, an Autarco GPRS stick has been chosen to ensure a stable connection with Autarco monitoring servers. In order to convert all the energy from DC to AC, two Autarco OX-series have been installed, which are Autarco's most powerful inverters made specifially for large commercial solar systems. The project has been installed by an Autarco Preferred Partner, Kuijpers Service B.V. from Den Bosch.

Project specs

  • System size of 237 kWp
  • 576 MHJ series solar panels of 410 Wp each
  • 2 OX series inverters of 80 kW each
  • Matrix symmetrical mounting system


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