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Autarco presents the new Apex R6 mounting system

Suitable for all slanted roofs

Autarco introduces the improved Apex R6 mounting system. This system is available for roof mounting of solar panels with an adjustable roof hook for pitched roofs, a wave clip for corrugated iron roofs and pole bolts with L-hook. Clear advantages of the Apex R6 are the easily adjustable rails that can be adjusted from top to bottom and from right to left and the fact that no loose nuts and bolts need to be used during assembly. Thanks to the smart and stable construction of the R6, ultra-fast mounting is possible while the solar panels are optimally and safely supported.

The R6 mounting system is available from the beginning of June 2022 and is part of the complete total solution from Autarco.

Unrivaled flexibility

The Apex R6 mounting system from Autarco offers ultimate flexibility and ease of installation thanks to adjustable rails, ‘sliding’ clamps that are reusable up to 10 times and a center clamp with potential equalization. Furthermore, a PV installer no longer needs to use loose bolts or nuts during installation.

Other important features of this system are:

  • 40mm reach to adjust rail height;
  • Easy to apply black stylish end cap;
  • Bolts have a TORX-30 head;
  • All fixings are provided with a “rail connector”

Developed together with PV installers

In order to create the most efficient system possible, we have extensively tested the R6 months together with a number of experienced PV installers. We have used the feedback we received after these test installations to further optimize the system and to develop one of the most user-friendly mounting systems for solar panels.

Read more about the Apex R6 here