3-phase two MPPT grid-tied inverter

The Autarco LD series inverters range from 5kW to 10kW and offer the best and most reliable performance in its class. The upgraded MII models are built with the most advanced components available in 2019, resulting in improved processing speed, higher efficiency and superior performance in low light.

These inverters come with two MPPT’s, each with 1 DC input. They have an extremely wide voltage range, offering the freedom to create the most optimal string configuration. Features also include a solid waterproof enclosure, Xtreme series PCB, integrated DC switch, monitoring connection and a standard 5 year warranty.

The inverter is a key element in a solar power plant and these inverters provide the reliable basis for Autarco’s unique kWh guarantee.


- Easy to install in almost any space
- Versatile stringing options
- Relax. Your investment is secure
- Monitoring and reporting at your fingertips

Key features

- Available in 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10kW
- Two independent MPPTs with 1 DC input each
- Lightweight IP65 waterproof design
- 5 year standard product warranty, possibility to extend up to 15 years
- Eligible for kWh guarantee
- Smart Asset Management service