1-phase two MPPT grid-tied inverter

The Autarco MX series Mark II inverters offer the latest in grid tied inverter technology. A meticulous and fully automated production process ensures a quality and reliability that is unprecedented in the industry which has resulted in a proven track record for extremely low product faults.

These inverteres feature a solid waterproof enclosure, Xtreme series PCB with only the highest grade electrical components and the latest Mark II technology with advanced functionalities such as built-in grid export limiting functionality. MX Mark II series solar inverters are easy to install and come with standard 5 year warranty and monitoring.

The inverter is a key element in a solar PV power plant and these inverters provide the reliable basis for Autarco’s unique kWh guarantee.


- Easy to install in almost any space
- Silent operations
- Full control over grid power exports
- Relax. Your investment is secure
- Monitoring and reporting at your fingertips

Key features

- Lightweight IP65 waterproof design
- Convection cooling without active fans
- Built-in grid power export limiting functionality
- 5 year standard product warranty, possibility to extend up to 15 years
- Eligible for kWh guarantee
- Smart Asset Management service