3-phase three or four MPPT grid-tied inverter

The Autarco three-phase XLX Mark III series inverters offer safety and reliability for commercial projects. The XLX Mark III series delivers the utmost in security features including integrated ARC-fault detection and perfectly matched total solution. This series has better performance in low light, more flexibility and excellent handling of grid fluctuations.

Faster Design

These inverters are incredibly versatile which will deliver reliable and efficient performance in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Digitilisation allows proposed inverters to be matched to the exact specifics of the installation, precise calculation of maximum expected power and much more.

Calculate max DC/AC Ratio with no limit

Automated string plans

3-4 MPPT

13A max input current per string

Wide voltage range

Low startup voltage

Lower Maintenance Costs

Reduce maintenance costs by performing routine tasks automatically and off-site. Respond quickly to advanced alerting generated by the Digital Twin and a continual stream of satellite generated environmental readings.

Satellite performance monitoring

Remote IV curves

String level monitoring

Intelligent alerting based on Digital Twin

DC reverse alarm

Cloud-based asset management

Safety and Reliability

Autarco has been pioneering total solution innovations to make the safest solar PV systems in the world. Autarco can control risks far better than any traditional component brand and have employed technologies to improve the safety of all our systems.

Arc fault detection and protection

Enhanced surge protection

Fuseless design

Manufacturer verification of install

IP66 protection against dust, oil, water and more

Anti-PID (optional)

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Higher Yields

Our digital tools can uncover the smallest loss-factors and respond to specific issues automatically while the inverter is equipped with the technology required to respond and manage the energy grids of the future.

Battery solution future-proof

99% max efficiency

Volt-Watt work mode

Reactive power compensation

AI grid management

Active intelligent cooling

Feel the tangible benefits of a digital solar solution

Our new range of digitalised inverters integrate the best of our end-to-end software platform with new innovations that go far beyond basic fault detection and the capabilities of single component brands. Through technologies that include automatic fulfillment of O&M requirements, off-site diagnosis and preventative actions, we have redefined the approach to delivering performance made certain for solar PV.

Big Data, AI and the Cloud mean nothing until you experience the benefits of Autarco’s digital solution for real.

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