Monitoring sticks

Autarco offers three kinds of monitoring sticks for connecting Autarco inverters to the internet ensuring data is succesfully submitted to Autarco for use in the Smart Asset Management service.

If local internet is present there are WiFi and LAN sticks available for connecting the inverter either wirelessly or via standard UTP cable to the local router.

In remote areas or in situations where you otherwise don't want be dependent of local internet you can use the GPRS/4G stick. This stick sends inverter messages via the cellular networks available.

Receiving the inverter messages are a crucial part of Autarco's ability to do pro-actively monitoring, offer installers a Smart Asset Management service and, most importantly, offer you an insured kWh guarantee.


- Easy to install
- Seperate from inverter
- Secure and safe

Key features

- Solid IP65 waterproof design
- Modular and seperate from inverter
- Encrypted and using only European servers

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