Z-wave stick

Get ready for the future! With the Autarco Z-wave stick you can turn any inverter into a sensor as part of your Z-wave Smart Home application, enabling exciting things such as if-this-than-that automation: Do you generate more than you consume? Turn on your battery charger."

Connecting devices and optimizing energy flows in your home is crucial in our strive to become energy self-sufficient and that's why Autarco developed this Z-wave stick.

The Z-wave stick is compatible with any Z-wave gateway manufacturer and actively supported by BeNext.

Receiving the inverter messages are a crucial part of Autarco's ability to do pro-actively monitoring, offer installers a Smart Asset Management service and, most importantly, offer you an insured kWh guarantee.


- Go beyond energy generation
- Apply ITTT logic to optimize your energy flows

Key features

- Lighweight IP65 waterproof design
- Z-Wave certified

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