Rail based pitched roof mounting system

The Autarco Apex R5 mounting system has grown into one of the most popular mounting systems for solar panels on pitched roofs, bacause of the high quality materials and its extreme ease of installation. Developed together with installers, years of knowledge and experience was combined to create the perfect mounting system for residential PV installations. Thanks to the unique triangular shaped rail, smart and stable construction, ultra-fast assembly is possible whilst ensuring the solar panels are optimally and safely supported.

Portrait mounting

The Autarco Apex R5 mounting system is ideal for mounting solar panels in portrait orientation, thanks to the innovative THX1 roof hook. It is adjustable and versatile so it can accomodate almost all types of roof types.

Landscape mounting

Does your roof demand landscape mounting? No problem with the Apex R5 mounting system with THX1 roof hook. A simple L-plate allows you to modify the hook to mount in landscape with the same aesthetic results.


- Extremely lightweight.
- Ultra fast installation time.
- Everlasting.

Key features

- Unique traingular shape rail
- Only one tool required
- Aircraft grade aluminium

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