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Your Autarco solar system does not only enable you to fully benefit from solar power. It does much more. Autarco Smart Home is integrated in all Autarco systems and allows you to become energy self­-sufficient with the help of multiple smart applications. Are you ready to built your own smart home?

Ready for the future

Generating your own energy is step one. The next step is having insight and control over the use of that energy by making your home smart.


Discover easily how much you’re consuming with Autarco Smart Monitoring and obtain insight that allow you to start making smart decisions and save energy and money.

Control and comfort

Want to take it even further? Add multiple sensors to your home and start automating your smart choices. Design your own smart home and create optimal comfort.


Today we are all aware of our carbon foot print and the impact it has on climate change. At the same time, people appreciate their own comfort and want to control it more than ever. This is why energy generation, storage and management is more relevant than ever before.

Autarco Smart Home is a wireless technology that enables smart electronic devices. This easy to use platform is integrated in all Autarco solar systems and allows you to not only generate your own energy, but also take the next step towards a more energy efficient home or business: maximizing self-consumption. It’s an open platform with endless possibilities to add applications linked to energy management and other categories from a great variety of suppliers. You can truly create your smart home, your way.

Autarco provides the backbone of your smart home which enables you to help with daily activities like saving energy and being more comfortable. This comes with Smart Monitoring, which provides insight into your solar power generation and consumption. In the near future Autarco will launch other energy related applications such as Climate, Hot Water, Battery and Control.


We make saving energy a fun challenge! Your Autarco solar system is the first part of your Smart Mome. In the monitoring part of the Autarco Smart Home interface, you can easily monitor your yield and your total energy consumption. It can be extended with Autarco Smart Micro Monitoring that allows you to monitor individual rooms or products.  No other solar brand does this. Based on only this, you can already make super smart decisions in your energy consumption and thereby cut down on your energy bill. For example, you can decide to turn on your washing machine when you generate more than you consume in the day. That way you save on more expensive energy in the evening hours.

Autarco Smart Monitoring works with a gateway, a device to measure the inverter and a device to measure your energy meter. Both parts will send this information – through the gateway – to your Autarco Smart Home interface on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


  • Savings

    With Autarco Smart Monitoring you can shift consumption to match solar output and avoid peak pricing periods with new insights and controls.

  • Endless possibilities

    Whether it is batteries, an electric car or new technologies; everything will be connected with Autarco Smart Home. Autarco is your gateway to this future.

  • Comfort

    Saving more no longer means using less. Increase the comfort of your home and pay less with smarter use of energy.

  • Control

    Take control of your energy use. Adjust monitoring intervals and remotely control appliances inside your home via the Autarco Smart Home interface.

  • Simple

    You don’t require any rewiring or connection with a router. Just plug and play and start improving your comfort and energy bill.

  • Safe

    Autarco Smart Home is based on a secure Z-Wave signal, which has the same encryption as online banking.

  • Futureproof

    Want to integrate a battery storage into your home? No problem. Thanks to the versatile control options you’re ready for the future.

  • Independent

    You’re fully energy self sufficient and no longer depending on politics and external influences.


Smart homes presents some very exciting opportunities to change the way you live and work, and to reduce energy consumption at the same time. Wouldn’t you love to be able to have remote control over all your devices, even if your far away? For instance, switching off the lights you left on after you’ve got to the office? Or monitor the safety of your home by adding camera’s and unlock doors to friends with locks? All of these non-energy related examples, and much more, are available at great a variety of Z-Wave product suppliers considering security, climate and comfort. All these sensors can be added to the Autarco platform.

You can find more innovative smart products here.


In the near future Autarco will launch energy related products as an expansion of Autarco Smart Home. With most of these products you have the opportunity to not only switch on and off, but also define rules based on triggers, events, schedules and more.

Upcoming launches:

  • Autarco Climate
  • Autarco Control
  • Autarco Battery Storage
  • Autarco Hot Water

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