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We offer integrated mounting solutions for all installation types. Our engineering and design excellence results in technically optimal, competitively priced and aesthetic solutions.

Complete range

We offer a wide range of mounting materials, suitable for any type of project. All mounting systems have high quality thanks to strict testing.

Best cost benefit ratio

Choose superior quality at an attractive price. All of our mounting systems are made from robust and reliable materials .

European brand

Because Autarco is an European brand, we give western and reliable guarantees. That means no complicated Asian standards and guarantees.


We offer a complete range of robust and reliable solar mounting systems at the best price quality ratio available. Our rigorous quality control and in-house testing facilities guarantee all Autarco mounting systems meet the highest quality standards possible. That’s why all come with standard manufacturers warranty of 10 years! All components are made of either a high grade aluminium or stainless steel and their high resistance to corrosion guarantees maximum service life and full recyclability.

Apex mounting

  • For fitting modules on any pitched roof type
  • Over ten different roof hooks available
  • For tiled, slate and corrugated roofs
  • Versatile application up to 60° inclination
  • Highest grade stainless and aluminum parts

Vector mounting

  • For fitting modules on flat roofs in single rows
  • Non penetrating ballast solution
  • Super fast and easy installation
  • Available in up to 45° inclination
  • Highest quality stainless and aluminum parts

Matrix mounting

  • For fitting modules on roofs in connected rows
  • Available in symmetric (east-west) layout
  • Lowest possible ballast requirements
  • Non roof penetrating ballast solution
  • Pre-assembled for fast installation
  • Highest quality stainless and aluminum parts

Terrace mounting

  • For fitting modules in the open field
  • Available up to 45° inclination
  • Prefab concrete supports available
  • Ground screw supports available
  • Highest grade materials and surface finish