Multi-wire halfcut monocrystalline 120 cell panels

Autarco’s MHE series solar panels use halfcut monocrystalline PERC cells with advanced multi-wire technology to deliver higher efficiency without compromising on reliability. Combining the two innovations of multi-wire and halfcut into one module, we offer you the next step in solar technology.

The resulting rated power of up to 340Wp and Autarco's extra focus on consistency and quality make this the panel of choice for commercial and utility projects looking to optimize the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

The modules are tested against all relevant standards by recognized testing labs and have excellent component guarantees but of course it’s the kWh guarantee that really protects your investment.

A combination of innovations

Multi-wire and halfcut technologies for superior reliability and performance

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- Optimize your business case with this value for money module
- Ultimate assurances regarding performance
- Improved performance on sunny days
- Outstanding durability and loading capabilities
- A professional & good looking panel for your project

Key features

- High efficiency up to 340Wp
- Multiwire technology for superior reliability and performance
- Halfcut technology for reduced resistance loss and improved shade tolerance
- Aesthetic cell colour consistency and hail resistant durability (45mm @ 30 m/s)
- Maximum system voltage of 1500V
- PID resistant
- Insured linear 25-year performance guarantee up to 84.8%
- Lloyd's of Londons insured power output warranty

Electrical characteristics

wdt_ID     S1.MHE320 S1.MHE325 S1.MHE330 S1.MHE335 S1.MHE340
1 Nominal power output (Wp) (Pmax) 320 325 330 335 340
2 Power output tolerance (W) (ΔPmax) 0/+5W 0/+5W 0/+5W 0/+5W 0/+5W
3 Open circuit voltage (V) (Voc) 40.72 41.03 41.32 41.61 41.88
4 Short cirtcuit current (A) (Isc) 9.98 10.06 10.14 10.22 10.3
5 Max. power voltage (V) (Vmp) 33.68 33.93 34.17 34.44 34.69
6 Max. power current (A) (Imp) 9.50 9.58 9.66 9.73 9.80
7 Module efficiency(%) (η) 18.9 19.2 19.5 19.8 20.1

Cells and construction

1 Cells 120 x halfcut PERC mono cells
in a 6x20 cell layout connected in series
2 Junction box IP rating: IP67
Cable length: 1000mm
Connector: Staubli EVO2
3 Diodes 3 by-pass diodes
4 Construction Front: 3.2mm glass
Back: Backsheet (white)
Encapsulant: EVA
5 Frame Annodized aluminium (silver)
6 Weight 19.1 kg
7 Dimensions 1692 x 1002 x 35mm

Temperature characteristics

1 Isc (α) +0.04% / °C
2 Voc (β) -0.27% / °C
3 Pmax (γ) -0.34% / °C
4 Nominal cell temperature 44 °C (± 2 °C)

Other characteristics

1 Operating temperature range -40 °C to 85 °C
2 Max. load (front / wind) 6000 / 3600 Pa
3 Max. hailstone impact 45mm hail @ 30.7m/s
4 Standard pallet packaging 31 pcs
5 Quantity per 40’ container 806 pcs

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