Truly remote surveying capabilities.

Using Helios, Autarco's PV system design software, it's like being on site. Authorized Dealers can survey your property and measure your roof in great detail thanks to a load of resources at their fingertips:

  • Nadir aerial images
  • Oblique aerial images
  • Cadastral data
  • Heightmaps
  • Google street view

Based on these resources installers can conveniently design your PV system and determine exactly how many kWh it will generate based on very advanced shade analysis. Interested to find out exactly how much your roof will yield for you?

Your PV system. Designed to perfection.

Every roof is different. Our innovative software allows your installer to tailor your Autarco system exactly to your needs.

Furthermore, it streamlines the installer's workflow by offering a host of PDF and DWG export functionalities incl. roof layouts, ballast plans, string plans, etc.

Easily measure roofs

Define install areas

Define module layouts

Calculate kWh yield

Generate documentation

Create financials

Beyond bankable.

The most important output of Helios software is a calculated yield, which Autarco guarantees. The yield is calculated based on the roof layout, location, surroundings and other design choices. Much effort has gone into perfecting the Autarco yield model which is developed together with leading knowledge institutes in The Netherlands.

But a yield calculated in Autarco software isn't just a projection. It is a bankable yield, guaranteed to be delivered and insured by Lloyd's of London. It provides unparalleled security to you and your business case.

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