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Want to harness the free energy of the sun to power your home and family? Look no further.

Full black designer modules

We use only the darkest possible cells in our modules. When fitted with our sleek and clever mounting systems, it results in the most aesthetic installs in the industry.

Guaranteed performance

Our kWh guarantee removes all uncertainty from your investment decision because it’s a money back performance guarantee. Why would you settle for less?

Smart Home

An Autarco system is not just a solar power plant. It provides a Smart Home platform for further energy consumption and energy saving possibilities.


Once you heard about Autarco, it’s actually quite simple. Autarce makes things easy. You choose one solar solution. One brand. One integrated design. One product warranty. One kWh guarantee. One customer service. One safe investment.

Why settle for several component guarantees when it can be that simple?

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Autarco is the first and only brand in the world that offers you a cash back kWh output guarantee. Every Autarco system comes with a certificate stating how many kWh that system is guaranteed to yield. Should there be any underperformance, we will pay you the difference. Your investment won’t be at any risk.

Walter Bennett (45 years old, home owner)
“Don’t be mislead by component warrantees or a Photon test. Those are all false securities that are virtually impossible to check on in the real world once a system is installed.”

Check performances of real Autarco systems
We have thousands of systems out there proving our quality every day!


Your Autarco solar system does not only enable your home to fully benefit from solar power. It does much more. Autarco Smart Home is integrated in all Autarco systems and allows you to become energy self­-sufficient with the help of multiple smart applications. This way you do not only generate your own energy, but also take the next step towards a more energy efficient home: maximizing self-consumption.

Your Autarco solar system is part of your Smart Home. In Smart Monitoring, which you can find in the Autarco Smart Home interface, you can easily monitor your yield and your total energy consumption. Based on only this, you can already make super smart decisions in your energy consumption and thereby cut down on your energy bill.

Whether it is batteries, an electric car or new technologies; everything can be connected with Autarco Smart Home. Autarco is your gateway to this future.

Oliver Cutler (34, home owner)
“Smart Monitoring gives me a perfect insight in my yield and consumption. I think it’s a step towards a better world, as saving energy becomes a fun challenge!”

This is why Autarco is the best choice for you and your family:

  • Simplicity

    Why invest in multiple brands and settle for mere component warranties? We offer you one brand, one complete system, one clear kWh guarantee.

  • Aesthetic solutions

    Your investment is guaranteed to integrate well with your property thanks to our five different mounting systems.

  • Full black design

    When we say black design we mean full black design. We use only the darkest possible cells in our modules, unlike most other brands.

  • kWh guarantee

    We have so much confidence in our quality, we provide a kWh warranty. If your investment yields less than we guarantee, we pay you back the difference.

  • Ready for the future

    An Autarco system is not just a solar power plant. It provides a Smart Home platform for further energy saving applications..

  • Smart Monitoring

    See not only how much electricity you produce, but also how much you consume. Now that really allows for smarter decision making.

Hear it from our home owner customers: