Your Autarco solar plant comes with a certificate stating how many kWh the system is guaranteed to yield. All systems are continuously monitored and at the end of the guarantee period we evaluate. If the actual kWh output is less than the guaranteed, the difference is paid out to you in cash.

Due to this industry first guarantee, Autarco has a continuing stake in the performance of your solar power system. We will actively analyse your system’s performance, and will take initiative in taking necessary measures in case your electricity output is lagging behind.

Don’t be fooled by component warranties or a Photon test. Those are all false securities that are virtually impossible to check on in the real world once a system is installed and offer you no re-course in case of underperformance. Why settle for that?

Proof is in the pudding! We have over 1000 live reference systems.

Do you want a guaranteed yield instead of just a promised yield?

  1. Ask a local solar PV installer for an Autarco PV system.
  2. He’ll discuss the options with you and prepare a quotation that fits your exact needs and includes a detailed kWh guarantee proposal.
  3. After installation, your installer registers your system with Autarco confirming exactly what has been installed.
  4. You will receive a login for your personal my.autarco.com page, where you can monitor your system and find your official kWh guarantee certificate.

We calculate your kWh guarantee using the most up to date and advanced technology available.

Our calculations take in to account:

– The latest meteorological data from NASA, EURAMET and other sources
– The tilt, orientation and shading of your system’s modules
– The exact location of your installation
– The exact system configuration in terms of module & inverter type, string sizing, etc.

…but most of all, we rely on real life output data collected from existing Autarco systems in locations near you.

Hear it from our customers