Your inverter will switch on and off automatically, depending on daylight conditions. In normal operation, both the red and the green LED above the display are turned on, the display shows alternating the current power and the word “GENERATING”.

In normal operation when there is sufficient daylight, both the red and the green LED above the display are turned on and the display shows alternating the current power and the word “GENERATING”. If this is not the case, follow the steps below:

1: Check for error messages. If there is an orange LED blinking on the front of the inverter, the inverter gives an error message. Contact your installer immediately.

2: If there is no error message, check whether all switches are on. If all switches are on and your inverter is still not generating, contact your installer immediately.

  • DC-switches: either integrated on the bottom of the inverter, or mounted right next to it.
  • AC-switch: installed next to the inverter, on the cable that connects the inverter to the meter board.
  • Circuit breaker: installed on the meter board.

If your inverter is generating properly, but you don’t see any data in MyAutarco, there is most probably a problem in the monitoring. You can find more details on the monitoring page.

Your inverter needs a minimum amount of solar irradiation in order to be able to start up and function properly. When the sun rises in the morning, the inverter will make several attempts to start itself up, the ticking noise you hear is the inverter switching on and off. After a while it will start up and the noise stops. This will occur daily, the length of this procedure can differ depending on daylight conditions. On very cloudy days with low irradiation or when the modules are covered in snow, you may here this sound during the day as well.

When solar irradiation is insufficient, the inverter will switch off automatically. When on the next morning the irradation meets the minimum requirements for the inverter, it will start up again.

The PV modules are providing power to the inverter, but the inverter can not feed to power into the grid. Please check whether both the AC-switch next to the inverter and the circuit breaker in your meter cupboard are switched on. If that is the case, contact your installer for further assistance.

This indicates that the inverter is initializing. This may take some time depending on daylight conditions, but the inverter should turn to normal operation automatically.

This indicates a fault in the inverter. Please contact your installer for assistance and provide the inverter serial number and the error code shown on the display.

This might occur occasionally during a thunderstorm. Switch the circuit breaker back on and check if it stays on. If not, contact your installer for further assistance.

There is a sticker on the side of the inverter housing, containing all product details including the serial number.

No, when the installer registers the new inverter with Autarco, the existing data for your PV system so far will be kept and visible on MyAutarco. If the inverter replacement procedure has been executed correctly, MyAutarco should show the usual values.