Modules built with turbo charged solar cell technology
Up to 21% efficiency
4 bus bars
cell strings
High grade

Bringing together the very latest innovative cell and module technologies.

Our cells are designed with a rigorous focus on reliability, optimal power conversion and environmental sustainability. Our advanced light capture technology delivers superior performance in even the weakest light.

Key module features:

  • Up to 21.3% cell efficiency
  • Industry leading 4 busbar design
  • Superior weak light performance
  • Reduced PID (Potential Induced Degradation)
  • High quality silicon reduces power loss
  • Narrowest fingers to increase surface area and darkness
  • Optimized junction region reduces dead layers
  • Innovative surface technology reduces reflection of sunlight
  • Uniform appearance


Because it's your house we're talking about
bus bars

You’re proud of your property and your investment in solar becomes an integrated part of it. Performance, reliability and minimizing risk in your business case are crucial but we understand that aesthetics are also an important factor in your decision.  As soon as you set eyes on an Autarco module the aesthetics and dynamics are immediately conveyed.


Check, check, double check. Audited by trusted agencies

At Autarco reliability always follows performance. Not just in the laboratory, but in the desert, by the ocean, swept by brutal winds and amongst the trees. On every type of roof.

kWh guarantee

The only module in the industry that gives your investment the security it deserves
Easy to verify
Cash back
100% secured

Autarco solar modules not only deliver unparalleled performance, they also come with extreme reliablility which make our industry unique kWh guarantee possible.

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