Autarco Energy Management FAQ

Our FAQ knowledge base helps you answer many common questions related to Autarco Energy Management and the Beta Program. Is your answer still not resolved after reading the FAQ's? Please contact us via email at

General Questions

What is an Energy Management System (EMS) provided by Autarco?

Autarco Energy Management is a technology platform that monitors, controls, and optimizes the performance of your solar system, battery storage and energy consumption to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Want to know more about EMS? Read our White Paper.

EMS White Paper

How does Autarco Energy Management benefit me as a solar system owner?

During the Beta Period of the Negative Price Response (NPR) feature, you can benefit by avoiding costs associated with negative energy prices. With the future addition of more features,  Autarco Energy Management  will help you optimize energy usage by charging your batteries when energy prices are low and discharging them when prices are high, creating savings in energy costs. 


How do I configure Autarco Energy Management?

We created a document with complete instructions on how to configure Autarco Energy Management. You can do this yourself on your computer, by following the instructions provided.

EMS Beta User Guide

Technical Questions

How does Autarco Energy Management control my solar inverter remotely?

Autarco Energy Management connects to your solar inverter via the internet. Using real-time or day-ahead data on energy prices and your energy usage, the system can remotely turn your inverter on or off to optimize cost savings. During the NPR Beta Period, this functionality will be tested and optimized. Other features will be introduced soon, like smart management of battery charging and discharging, and can be controlled through the same connection.

Will Autarco Energy Management interfere with my solar system's normal operation?

Autarco Energy Management is designed to enhance the functionality of your solar system by optimizing when your inverter operates, based on real-time energy prices and consumption. For Negative Price Response, it can limit or turn off your solar system to avoid any energy feeding back to the grid during negative price events, which is a key aspect of the Beta testing. Later features, like Smart Charging, will optimize the moments when your batteries charge and discharge.

Is my data secure with Autarco Energy Management?

Yes, Autarco uses advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure that your data and the control of your system are secure.


Financial Questions

How much can I save with Autarco Energy Management?

Savings vary based on your energy usage patterns and local energy prices, as well as your system size and properties. Autarco Energy Management helps to lower your energy costs by optimizing when your inverter operates and later when your system charges and discharges batteries. During the NPR Beta Period, you may experience additional savings by avoiding costs during negative price events.


Are there any upfront costs for integrating my solar system with Autarco Energy Management?

No, there are no upfront costs or setup fees for integrating your solar system with Autarco Energy Management. You only need to pay a monthly subscription fee, which will be introduced at a later stage. The first part of the Beta Period will be free of charge.

What are the subscription fees for using Autarco Energy Management?

Subscription fees vary depending on the chosen Autarco Energy Management features and the size and type of your system. More details on subscription fees will be shared at a later moment.

Operational Questions

Can I override Autarco Energy Management settings if needed?

Yes, Autarco Energy Management allows users to manually override the settings if needed. However, keeping the automated settings usually provides the most optimal cost savings.


What happens when there is an internet outage?

In the event of an internet outage, the Autarco system will continue to operate based on the last-known settings until the connection is restored. Some advanced systems may have local backup control systems.

How often does Autarco Energy Management adjust the inverter and battery settings?

Adjustments are planned a day in advance based on the day-ahead energy price data and usage patterns.

How will the Negative Price Response (NPR) feature be tested during the Beta Period?

During the Beta Period, Autarco will closely monitor the system’s response to negative price events, gather data on performance, and make any necessary adjustments to optimize savings and functionality. Participants will receive updates and may be asked to provide feedback.


Compatibility and Installation Questions

Is my current solar system compatible with Autarco Energy Management?

Currently, Autarco Energy Management only works with Autarco inverters. For the Negative Price Response functionality, the only requirements are a 2-way communication device and a smart meter. 

How do I get started with Autarco Energy Management?

We created a document with complete instructions on how to configure Autarco Energy Management. When your system is eligible for the Beta Period, you will be able to see these features. You set it up yourself on your computer, by following the instructions provided.

EMS Beta User Guide

Will the installation of Autarco Energy Management cause any downtime for my solar system?

Installation is usually quick and should not cause significant downtime. Any interruptions will be communicated in advance by Autarco.


When will Autarco Energy Management support other inverter brands?

Autarco is actively working on expanding compatibility to other inverter brands. While we do not have a specific timeline, we are committed to providing this functionality in the near future. Please stay tuned for updates from Autarco.