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The world's safest solar solutions

Setting the standard in solar safety since 2011

One brand, one safe total solution

Autarco has been pioneering single-brand innovations to make the safest solar PV systems in the world. As a manufacturer of total solutions, Autarco can control risks far better than any traditional component brand. We have developed and employed several new technologies to improve the safety of all our systems. No matter the roof type, Autarco systems are designed to keep everyone safe.

Maximize safety with one solar brand

The risk of fire caused by a solar system is very low, particularly when high quality products and best practices are adopted. However, the solar industry is still relatively young and very price sensitive. This can result in poor product choice, component mismatch, incorrect design or installation defects, all of which have the potential of creating unsafe situations.

As an independent, single-brand company Autarco can control these risks far better than any traditional component brand. We create the safest solutions in the industry.

Prevention beats detection every time

Autarco’s total solar solutions mitigate the three main causes of unsafe situations.

  1. Product safety: Our quality control process ensures that all of our hardware is designed and built to provide safe and reliable performance.
  2. Design safety: Autarco’s software automatically prevents poor design, which eliminates the possibility of a poor design making it onto your roof.
  3. Install safety: We are committed to leading best practises within the industry. Autarco verifies all solar installations which need to pass due diligence.

We've got your back

Product Safety

Design Safety

Installation Safety


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