Rethink solar

Make every moment count

Autarco was born with the belief that solar could be better. Our founder, Roel van den Berg, saw that the multi-brand approach (that worked for very large projects) was holding the rooftop PV industry back. So right from the start we understood that in order to reach full potential we needed to rethink solar. Read Roel's full story here.

There is no other industry in the world that asks non-professional buyers to invest significant amounts of money into a product made from 4 or 5 different brands each with their own component guarantees. Imagine buying a car assembled from parts your local mechanic purchased without any complete service plan or warranty. That was - and still is - the status quo of most distributed solar systems installed today. Why should solar be any different? We needed to help find a way to protect our end customers and support the quality installation partners who want to do the right thing.

As the component brands flow down the value chain from factory to wholesaler to installer to the end customer, the risk and complexity of the products also flows down the value chain and ends up in the hands of a non-professional customer. Our customer’s problem is not a problem of datasheets and specifications, they have an energy bill problem and hopefully a desire to make a meaningful impact on climate change mitigation.

Dan, our co-founder, was shocked by how many systems were installed in sub-optimal locations and systems sold with promises of performance that would never be achieved. Gullible home owners were seriously disadvantaged by their lack of knowledge. 

Making solar simple for our customers

We changed the focus to how can we make solar simple for our customers? We needed to help find a way to protect our end customers and support the quality installation partners who want to do the right thing.

"To reach full potential you have to know what it is.
Autarco is the only one who knows this, always." 

Reaching full potential didn't just require a total solution approach, effective quality control methods and high service levels, it also required a rethinking of the entire supply chain. This is part of the reason we only work directly with our Authorized Dealers. Our dealers use intelligent software that not only covers design and offer, but asset management as well. No one does this. It is our way of helping customers reach full potential.

How? By creating a digital twin in our software: a detailed digital copy of every individual Autarco solar system in the world. The software details exactly how and where the solar panels are installed and when and where there is shade. We feed the digital twin with live sunlight and weather conditions to determine the system’s full potential and identify the maximum amount of energy that can be produced. When the digital twin does not match the actual performance, appropriate action is needed. You have to know what the full potential is at all times, in orde to be able to reach it. 

One brand. One complete solution.

From a single-brand solution, to authorized dealers and a digital twin that we nurture and feed with realtime data. 

Beyond the technology, we have people who care and want to provide exceptional service levels that mean we are always delivering on our full potential promise and you would love working with us.

This is our way of rethinking solar, and we would love to show you what it could mean to you.  

Dan Horan