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Mounting systems

Mounting systems for all of your projects

Mounting systems for all of your projects

Autarco has developed mounting systems for pitched (Apex series) and flat roofs (Matrix series) whereby each system is designed with simplicity and safety in mind.

Less is more! So our engineers have successfully reduced the number of different parts and tools required to integrate the panels seamlessly onto your roof.

Autarco mounting systems are tried and tested by installers in the field. Are you developing an open-field PV project or does your property need a special mounting solution? No problem. Autarco works with many of the leading specialty mounting manufacturers.

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Everlasting. Solid as a rock.

Everlasting. Solid as a rock.

All stainless steel parts used in the Matrix mounting system utilize exceptional anti-corrosion coating that provides 10 times better corrosion resistance than galvanised steel. Our Apex mounting system for pitched roofs uses aerospace grade aluminium alloy parts.

In our efforts to create an aesthetic black finish we've substituted the environmentally damaging black anodization process with endcaps to reduce chemical waste.

These are just two examples of selection of quality components and thoughtful design to benefit everyone.

Designed with the installer in mind

Designed with the installer in mind

Reliability and aesthetics are important but let's not forget about the installer fitting it on your roof. Like any professional, they want to work with materials that enable them to perform their work with ease, hassle free and fast.

Our Autarco Apex R6 rail is a great example of a product designed with the installer in mind. Extruded screw thread removes the need to secure bolt using nuts or the use of multiple tools on the roof. Easy as 1,2,3.

Insight. Everywhere. Anytime.

Insight. Everywhere. Anytime.

Check on your savings, revenue and kWh production wherever you are, on any device, at any time. Every Autarco inverter transmits data to our European servers which are displayed in MyAutarco, a cloud-based monitoring platform for the visualisation of your solar PV systems.

kWh guarantee®

Life is short, soak up all the sun you can and make every moment count with Autarco. The only solar system with a kWh guarantee®. You either get the promised yield or you get a cashback. It’s as simple as that.

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We've got answers.

What is the difference between Autarco's Matrix universal and Autarco's Matrix symmetrical system?

When the panels are installed in rows facing south (as is the case with the Matrix universal), there needs to be a distance between these rows to prevent the panels causing shadow on each other. In a symmetrical system this is not the case, so more modules can be installed within the same area. In a symmetrical system the yield per module is a little less, but the total yield from the area is higher.

Are all roofs suitable for the installation of solar panels?

Autarco offers different mounting solutions for pitched roofs, depending on the roofing material. The yield of a PV system depends on the pitch and the azimuth of the modules, where the ideal situation is a south facing roof with a pitch of 25-35°.

Flat roof systems are provided with ballast tiles to make sure the modules will stay in place. You should check the load bearing capacity of your roof to make sure it will hold the system, which can be anything between 15 and 25 kg/m². It is advisable to contact your roofing installer as well, to confirm the roofing material is suitable.

Obstacles on the roof and next to the building may cause shadows on the modules for certain parts of the day. This has a negative affect the yield of the total system, so this has to be taken into account on designing a PV system.

My roof has a drainage incident, will this affect the installation of the solar panels?

Up to a gradient of 3° this will cause no problem. For steeper gradients, special precautions may be necessary. Your installer can inform you on this.


Our dealers have vast experience in working with our software and our products. Interested how an Autarco system would look like and perform on your roof? Request a free quote today!

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