Apex R6 mounting systems

Mounting system for slanted roofs

Our new Autarco Apex R6 rail mounting system is designed with the feedback of our installers in mind and allows for maximum flexibility. The R6 is suitable for all pitched roofs because of the high quality materials and its extreme ease of installation. Years of knowledge and experience were combined to create the perfect mounting system for residential PV installations.

Thanks to the unique rail construction and slideable clamps, ultra-fast assembly is possible whilst ensuring the solar panels are optimally and safely supported. Also available as mini rail.

One system for both portrait and landscape orientation

Only one tool required

Find datasheet here

Find mini rail datasheet here

Key features

Extremely lightweight and easy to adjust

Everlasting due to durable and slideable clamps

Ultra fast installation time

No loose nuts and bolts

We've got answers.

What is the difference between Autarco's Matrix universal and Autarco's Matrix symmetrical system?

When the panels are installed in rows facing south (as is the case with the Matrix universal), there needs to be a distance between these rows to prevent the panels causing shadow on each other. In a symmetrical system this is not the case, so more modules can be installed within the same area. In a symmetrical system the yield per module is a little less, but the total yield from the area is higher.

Are all roofs suitable for the installation of solar panels?

Autarco offers different mounting solutions for pitched roofs, depending on the roofing material. The yield of a PV system depends on the pitch and the azimuth of the modules, where the ideal situation is a south facing roof with a pitch of 25-35°.

Flat roof systems are provided with ballast tiles to make sure the modules will stay in place. You should check the load bearing capacity of your roof to make sure it will hold the system, which can be anything between 15 and 25 kg/m². It is advisable to contact your roofing installer as well, to confirm the roofing material is suitable.

Obstacles on the roof and next to the building may cause shadows on the modules for certain parts of the day. This has a negative affect the yield of the total system, so this has to be taken into account on designing a PV system.

My roof has a drainage incident, will this affect the installation of the solar panels?

Up to a gradient of 3° this will cause no problem. For steeper gradients, special precautions may be necessary. Your installer can inform you on this.

Technical stuff

General properties

Certified great

Certified great

Our quality control process ensures that all of our hardware is designed and built to provide safe and reliable performance, all the time. That is why our products are back by the worlds leading safety institutions.