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Guaranteed Performance

Go solar without risk

Your investment is as sure as the sun will shine

Autarco is the only manufacturer in the world with an insured kWh guarantee for your solar system. If our system yields less than estimated beforehand, you get a cashback for every missed kWh. So you will get what you paid for, as sure as the sun will shine. 

Why customers choose the kWh guarantee

“We chose the premium kWh guarantee to make sure we meet our business case in the upcoming 10-15 years.” Ad van Nistelrooij,
Director ebm-papst Benelux

Our kWh guarantee leads to better performance

Research into the performance of 5000 PV systems has shown that Autarco systems with a kWh guarantee perform on average 5% better than comparable systems without. Over a period of 10 to 15 years, this quickly yields an extra 700-1000 euros for a residential system.

Over the systems life this increased performance is worth more than 1 year of extra energy! Of course, a kWh guarantee does not in itself improve the performance of a system, but the quality of our products and all the service surrounding them does.

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How are we able to guarantee performance?

We check your solar power system after installation before a kWh certificate is issued and we continue to monitor the yield and performance of the system after installation.

As soon as your system starts underachieving, the maintenance provider acts upon it. He will do whatever it takes to get the system’s performance back to its full potential. Nobody does this, we guarantee it.

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Lloyd’s of London has got your back

Our kWh Guarantee is much more than just a promise. The performance of your Autarco system can be insured through the kWh Guarantee Foundation in collaboration with insurance company Lloyd’s of London. This is one the world’s oldest insurance company’s and they fully back-up our kWh guarantee.

You can be 100% sure you will receive a cash compensation for every missed kilowatthour when the system underperforms.

A good investment, regardless of what happens

No matter what happens, you will always be sure that your investment in solar is good for your wallet and the enivronment with a kWh guarantee.

The process of getting a kWh guarantee

Step 1: Installation and registration

After approving the quotation your system is installed by one of our experienced Authorized Dealers and then registered with a standard or premium 5, 10 or 15 year guarantee term.

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Step 2: Receive your certificate

After the registration is validated you’ll receive a guarantee certificate from either Autarco (standard kWh guarantee) or the kWh Guarantee Foundation (premium kWh guarantee). This has all of your solar system’s details including the guaranteed yield.

Step 3: Pro-active monitoring

During the kWh guarantee term we pro-actively monitor your solar system and report on performance saving you valuable time. If necessary we’ll be in touch if maintenance is required.

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Step 4: Cash compensation

You will receive a cash compensation for every missed kilowatthour should the system perform less than the guaranteed yield specified in your guarantee certificate.

Benefits of a premium insured kWh guarantee




FAQ's about the kWh guarantee

How is my kWh guarantee secured?

  1. Our standard kWh Guarantee is issued by Autarco and insured on a portfolio level. Our premium kWh guarantee is issued by an independent foundation; the “kWh guarantee Fund” and insured individually.
  2. For the premium kWh guarantee the Fund then holds an insurance policy from a syndicate of Lloyd’s of London that covers every kWh guaranteed and an additional cash reserve.
  3. The independent directors of the kWh Guarantee Fund ensure that the total risk of all outstanding kWh guarantees is sufficiently covered.
  4. If Autarco’s operating entities were to go bankrupt, the Fund, underlying insurance and your kWh Guarantee would be unaffected.

How is the kWh guarantee different from a linear module output warranty?

You can think of it like a marathon runner.

  • A module component guarantee promises the runner will run at certain speeds for the race if he is running on a treadmill in controlled laboratory conditions.
  • The Autarco kWh guarantee promises the runner will finish the exact race you want him to run, in a certain period of time, regardless of the weather.

A module performance guarantee promises the solar modules will performance at a % of their laboratory tested output after certain periods of time if you test them under the same laboratory conditions.

The Autarco kWh guarantee promises a minimum value of solar energy produced (kWh) over a fixed time period. The value of kWh guaranteed is tailored to your exact system details and is measured using standard solar monitoring.


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