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Autarco systems perform 5% better

Why Autarco solar systems outperform all others

An analysis of nearly 3.000 solar roof systems in the Netherlands shows that 45% underperforms. Despite yield monitoring, they do not reach their full potential. Mostly because the full potential of these solar systems is simply unknown. 

Basic solar monitoring shows you how much energy is being produced, but it doesn’t tell you if you are reaching full potential. Don’t settle for “it’s working”, when you can reach full potential with Autarco. 


No time to read everything? Here’s the breakdown

In short: our dealers use intelligent software that not only covers the design of your solar system, but monitoring and performance management as well. Underperformance is signalled and acted upon immediately. No one does this!

System underperformance is real

"the median performance of commercial projects below 50kW is only 94.6%." DNV GL,
2020 Energy Validation Study
"projects are >13x more likely to persistently underperform over a multi-year period than initially expected." kWh Analytics,
Solar Risk Assessment: 2021

Make every ray of light count

Our dealers use intelligent software that not only covers design and offer, but asset management as well. No one does this. It is our way of helping customers reach full potential.

How? By creating a digital twin in our software: a detailed digital copy of every individual Autarco solar system in the world. When the digital twin does not match the actual performance, appropriate action is needed. You have to know what the full potential is at all times, in order to be able to reach it.

Meet your digital twin

Our dealers use intelligent software to design your Autarco solution. The software automatically generates a digital twin: a digital copy of your solar system. The software details exactly how your solar panels are installed and when and where there is shade. Here is where it gets exciting: we feed the digital twin with live sunlight and weather conditions 24/7. This is how we determine your system’s full potential and identify the maximum amount of energy that can be produced.

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We don’t just monitor, we act!

The digital twin in our software allows us to always compare your system’s current performance to its full potential. When the digital twin does not match the actual performance, alerts will go off and appropriate action is needed. Autarco or one of our selected service providers will get your system back to its projected performance. You have to know what the full potential is at all times, in order to be able to reach it.

Find & fix even the tiniest loss factors

Every 15 minutes we receive a reading of the sunlight levels and temperature within 1km of your installation. This data is fed into the digital twin which takes into account shade losses at every point in the day to generate an expected performance based on real-life conditions. This performance can be compared to the actual performance with precise detail, so any deviation is noticed right away.

Some awesome features of our software:

  • Satellite based performance monitoring
  • String level monitoring
  • Intelligent alerting

Guaranteed performance

We are so confident about the performance of your solar solution, we offer a kWh Guarantee. Should your Autarco system yield less that estimated, you get a cashback. Before we issue the insured kWh guarantee we verify your system against the digital twin to ensure that the installation has been completed safely and to specification. 85% of the systems with a kWh guarantee perform as expected or even exceed expectations. So enjoy the sun, your investment is guaranteed!

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This is how we do it

Go in-depth and find out how we make your system reach full performance. Fascinating stuff! 

  • Shade Modelling
  • Bankable solar panels
  • Yield calculation


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