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SinneSysteem helps businesses adopt solar energy

In the pursuit of a greener future, the adoption of renewable energy sources like solar power, is inevitable. To ensure your (business) investment in this greener future is secured, Autarco offers a yield performance guarantee on each of its solar systems by its kWh-Guarantee.

A recent installation in the heart of Industrial Park 'De Hemmen' in Sneek, the Netherlands, exemplifies this transition toward sustainability whilst securing the return on the solar investment. PV specialist SinneSysteem partnered with Autarco to install 424 Autarco MHH450 solar panels across the roofs of the companies DND and Seavision, marking a significant step towards harnessing clean energy. 

The choice of Autarco MHH450 solar panels demonstrates a commitment to quality and efficiency. Designed for commercial installations, these panels offer both reliability and performance, crucial for long-term sustainability goals. Furthermore, the Autarco Matrix mounting system in combination with the ballast plan, calculated by Autarco’s Helios design-software, ensures a secure and safe installation on flat roofs, providing peace of mind for both the installers and the building owners.

One of the key components of this installation is the integration of Autarco inverters. These inverters, including the UX50000, LQ12000, and LD9000 models, play a vital role in converting the solar energy captured by the panels into usable electricity. By leveraging these reliable and powerful inverters, the customer can effectively harness sustainable green energy to power their operations.

With a total nominal power output of 190 kWp, this installation promises to make a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions and what's more, the yield from this solar array is covered by Autarco’s cashback kWh guarantee, providing assurance to the customer of the system's performance and reliability.

In addition to the immediate benefits, the installation comes with a standard kWh guarantee of 3 x 5 years, ensuring that the system continues to deliver optimal performance. This performance guarantee underscores the commitment of both SinneSysteem and Autarco to providing sustainable solutions that stand the test of time.

In conclusion, this solar installation in Industrial Park 'De Hemmen' serves as a testament to the power of collaboration between innovative companies like SinneSysteem and Autarco. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a dedication to sustainability, these rooftops have been transformed into sources of clean, renewable energy.

To learn more about Autarco’s cashback kWh guarantee securing your investment in solar read our blogpost with more information and details.


Project specifications

•  Total power: 190 kWp

•  Number of solar panels: 424 MHH450 series

•  Inverters: 4 three-phase UX-MII, 3 three-phase LQ-MIII, and 2 three-phase LD-MIII

•  Monitoring: 9 WiFi monitoring sticks

•  Mounting: Matrix mounting system for flat roofs

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