Your return on your solar investment is as certain as the sun shines

Autarco is the only manufacturer in the world offering an insured kWh guarantee for your solar system. If your Autarco solar system yields less than estimated beforehand, you receive cash compensation for every missed kWh. So, you'll get what you paid for, as certain as the sun will shine!

Our kWh guarantee leads to better performance

Of course, an insured guarantee does not inherently improve the performance of a solar system, but the premium quality of our products, our 24/7 performance monitoring, and our unwavering customer service does.

With Autarco’s kWh guarantee, you can insure the expected yield of your Autarco solar system. If the system underperforms for any reason, you are still assured of a guaranteed yield. The difference between expected and actual yield will be paid out in cash.

How is the kWh guarantee different from a linear module output warranty?

You can think of it like a marathon runner. A module component guarantee promises the runner will run at certain speeds for the race, as if he is running on a treadmill in controlled laboratory conditions. The Autarco kWh guarantee promises the runner will complete the exact race you want him to run, within a certain period of time, in real-life outdoor conditions, regardless of the weather.

A module performance guarantee promises the solar modules will perform at a percentage of their laboratory-tested output after certain periods of time if tested under the same laboratory conditions. The Autarco kWh guarantee promises a minimum value of solar energy produced (kWh) over a fixed period of time. The value of the kWh guarantee is tailored to your exact system details and is measured using standard solar monitoring.

How does the kWh guarantee work?

Your PV installer uses Autarco software (Helios) to design a layout of your solar system based on your rooftop situation, your current and future energy needs, and your yield requirements. During the design phase of your solar system, Autarco creates a so-called ‘Digital Twin’, or a digital copy, of the physical system design. Before issuing a kWh guarantee, every newly installed system is verified against this Digital Twin. For example, we check the installation plan, the expected efficiencies, and performance of the complete actual installation of the system’s solar panels and inverter(s). This ensures that the system is installed safely and according to the design and the correct specifications, so that it will produce the expected yield of solar energy.

After installation and issuance of the kWh guarantee by your PV installer, Autarco feeds your system’s Digital Twin with live sunlight and weather conditions 24/7. This is how we determine your system’s full potential and identify the maximum amount of energy that can be produced. Autarco monitors each installed system every 15 minutes. If your solar system performs less than 95% of what it should deliver according to its Digital Twin, Autarco will contact your PV installer so that they can check the installation again and solve any possible problems.

Autarco’s kWh guarantee insures a specific output in kWh per 5-year terms (max. 3 terms totaling 15 years). At the end of each 5-year term, underperformance (actual kWh minus guaranteed kWh) is compensated in cash at a fixed rate per kWh. Every guaranteed kWh is fully secured with insurance in collaboration with the world-renowned insurance company Lloyd’s of London.

With Autarco, you can truly enjoy your investment in sustainable, green energy without any worries about its returns.


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