MX-MIII series

1-phase two MPPT grid-tied inverter

The Autarco MX series Mark III inverters offer the latest in grid tied inverter technology. A meticulous and fully automated production process ensures a quality and reliability that is unprecedented in the industry which has resulted in a proven track record for extremely low product faults.

These inverteres feature a solid waterproof enclosure, Xtreme series PCB with only the highest grade electrical components and the latest Mark III technology with advanced functionalities such as built-in grid export limiting functionality. SX Mark II series solar inverters are easy to install and come with standard 5 year warranty and monitoring.

The inverter is a key element in a solar PV power plant and these inverters provide the reliable basis for Autarco’s unique kWh guarantee.

With Smart Asset Management service

Full control over grid power exports

5 year standard product warranty, possibility to extend up to 15 years

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Key features

Eligible for our unique kWh guarantee

5 year standard product warranty, possibility to extend up to 15 years

Designed for residential systems

We’ve got answers.

How does my inverter work?

Your inverter will switch on and off automatically, depending on daylight conditions. In normal operation, both the red and the green LED above the display are turned on, the display shows alternating the current power and the word “GENERATING”.

Where do I find my inverter serial number?

There is a sticker on the side of the inverter housing, containing all product details including the serial number.

What does it mean when the red light is on, and the green light is flashing?

This indicates that the inverter is initializing. This may take some time depending on daylight conditions, but the inverter should turn to normal operation automatically.

What is the ticking noise coming from my inverter?

Your inverter needs a minimum amount of solar irradiation in order to be able to start up and function properly. That is also why your inverter is turned off at night When the sun rises in the morning, the inverter will make several attempts to start itself up, the ticking noise you hear is the inverter switching on and off. After a while it will start up and the noise stops. This will occur daily, the length of this procedure can differ depending on daylight conditions. On very cloudy days with low irradiation or when the modules are covered in snow, you may here this sound during the day as well.

Technical stuff

General characteristics

Certified great

Certified great

Our quality control process ensures that all of our hardware is designed and built to provide safe and reliable performance, all the time. That is why our products are back by the worlds leading safety institutions.