TBJ series

Glass-glass solar panels with a power output up to 430Wp (Full Black)

Autarco’s TBJ series use Bifacial n-type TOPCon cells with advanced multi-wire technology to deliver higher efficiency without compromising on reliability at a rated voltage of 1500V DC. Our glass-glass sandwich can withstand mechanical loads of up to 5400 Pa, combined with superior resistance to sand, salt and ammonia. Delivering long lasting performance, even in the harshest of environments.

Also available in full black.


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Glass-glass technology with an insured linear 30-year power output guarantee up to 87.4% and 15-year product warranty (25 years for Full Black)

Bifacial and TOPCon cell technology for superior reliability and performance

Designed via our exclusive Helios software

Key features

High power output up to 215 Wp/m2 for standard and full black

Glass-glass TOPCon technology

Insured linear 30-year performance guarantee up to 87.4%

Bifaciality gains

Insured kWh guarantee

PID resistant

We’ve got answers.

Do my solar panels need to be cleaned?

Autarco solar panels are equipped with a self-cleaning coating, helping to keep the modules clean. Cleaning the panels every year is advised however, to make sure you will get the maximum yield from your Autarco PV system.

How do I clean my solar panels?

Use clean water only, without detergents. Your installer might offer cleaning in a maintenance contract, to make sure you get the best results.

Do items like leaves or bird droppings influence the yield of my Autarco PV system

Yes, they do. Local pollution will cause a direct loss in yield for solar panels and may eventually be harmful for your panels. It is important to check your panels regularly and remove the pollution when necessary.

With our Smart Asset Management, you will be noticed when cleaning is necessary in order to meet the kWh guarantee conditions.

What is Glass-glass technology?

More is better, right? Glass-glass or double glass panels sandwich solar cells between two pieces of glass. These are more durable than traditional panels, and also offer a host of other advantages. Such as better fire rating, reduced PID, possible bifaciality, lower degradation rates thus longer warranties, etc.

What is Bifaciality and how does it work?

What is better than generating power from one side? Generating power from two sides! Bifaciality is the ability of a solar panel to generate power from both the front and back sides. Traditional monofacial solar panels have an opaque backsheet, whereas Bifacial solar panels use a double glass sandwich. Thereby exposing solar cells to sunlight on both sides, and generating more power. Sounds good, right?

Technical stuff

General characteristics

Certified great

Certified great

Quality is key to our kWh guarantee. It all starts with the products and Autarco long term stake in the performance of our products and is reflected in the way we perform quality control, setting the industry standard for plant, production line, production and product inspections. Our products are checked, checked, double checked and audited by the world's most trusted agencies.