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Fioretti College more sustainable with 312 kWp solar installation

First OMO school with solar panels

Fioretti College was the first of nine OMO schools to become more sustainable with a total solar solution by Autarco. A system of more than a thousand PC Series solar panels, including an insured kWh guarantee.

At Fioretti College kids from the age of 12 are being prepared for the future. Kids get the opportunity to fully evolve themselves, discover their talents and develop them further. Sustainability is highly important for all OMO schools as they believe it’s their social responsibility to take action and participate in creating a more sustainable world. Solar power makes their energy usage greener and they can teach their students about solar and the need for the world to become more sustainable. We asked Eric Hoogland, Project manager housing at OMO, three questions about the importance of sustainability and why they chose an Autarco total solution.

What’s the reason for choosing solar to become more sustainable?
Sustainability is very important to us, we believe it’s our social responsibility to make our schools more sustainable. We also believe it’s important to educate our students on the importance of taking care of our planet. The best way to do this is by going solar and educating them on how solar works and why it’s important.

Why have you decided to go for an Autarco system?
In our opinion buying a system from Autarco has multiple benefits. The most important one is the fact Autarco only works with their own components, making for a reliable and efficient total solution. Also important to us is the fact that Autarco is a Dutch brand with support in Dutch when needed.

What is in your opinion the added value of a business case with kWh guarantee?
Ultimately the financial reward of a solar installation is also important, besides the increased sustainability of our schools. With a kWh guarantee we’re certain our investment will pay itself back and more. This allows us to free up budget in other areas to invest in teachers for example.

The project

This solar energy system of 312 kWp consists of 1096 PC Series solar panels which produce energy that’s inverted by nine Autarco XLX inverters of 30 kW. These solar panels are tried and tested to be highly efficient and reliable. They are also very durable and have an improved performance on sunny days.

“We’re certain our investment will pay itself back, allowing us to free up budget in other areas to invest in teachers for example." - Eric Hoogland

The combination of Autarco inverters and solar panels enables Fioretti College to benefit from the unique kWh guarantee. The Helios design software automatically calculates the expected yield, which is insured by the kWh guarantee foundation. For every missed kWh Fioretti College will receive a financial compensation. The business case that was calculated beforehand will for sure be met. A very safe and reliable investment.

Project specs

  • System size of 312 kWp
  • 1096 PC series solar panels of 285 Wp each
  • 9 XLX series inverters of 30 kW each
  • Matrix symmetrical mounting system


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