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21 powerful solar panels on garden house

Benefitting from sustainable energy

Dutch Solar Energy sold an Autarco total solution to entrepreneur Harrie van Cruchten in June of 2020 and installed it on his garden house. A system consisting of 21 powerful MHE series solar panels, including a kWh guarantee. Harrie is the owner of a camper van rental company and with his solar energy system he’s contributing to green energy. It also benefits him financially as the batteries inside the camper vans have to be charged. We asked Harrie a few questions.

Why did you choose an Autarco solution?
It felt like a good choice to invest in a system with security of its return. The kWh guarantee came included making sure this system will perform like promised beforehand. When it doesn’t perform they will pay me for every missed kWh. Thanks to the total solution this system is also very safe which is also important to me.

What’s the reason for choosing solar to become more sustainable?
The most important reason to become more sustainable is so that we can contribute to green energy. Of course also to reduce our energy bills as the batteries in the camper vans need to be charged.

How was the cooperation between you and the installer?
I made a conscious decision to purchase my Autarco system with Dutch Solar Energy. They truly honor their commitments towards me and everything went according to plan.

The project

This solar energy system of 7.14 kWp consists of 21 Autarco MHE series solar panels. The yield is inverted by an Autarco LD Mark II inverter of 6 kW that is very compact and silent. The MHE series are new and innovative solar panels that deliver superior reliability and high performance.

The system was designed beforehand in our Helios software. Using accurate aerial photos and innovative calculations Helios can automatically calculate the expected yield of the system. Thanks to the Autarco total solution of solar panels and inverters this system can be covered by the kWh guarantee. This is insured by the kWh Guarantee Foundation, meaning for every kWh below the expected yield Harrie will receive a financial compensation.

For the owner this is not only a safe investment, but the system itself is also very safe. This is also thanks to the total solution from Autarco. The system only consists of parts from the Autarco brand, making everything work together perfectly with extra safety.

Project specs

  • System size of 7.14 kWp
  • 21 MHE series solar panels of 340 Wp each
  • LD Mark II series inverters of 6 kW
  • Matrix symmetrical mounting system
  • Installed by Dutch Solar Energy


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