Autarco total solution vs. SolarEdge

How does a Autarco total solution compare to SolarEdge?

We are often compared to SolarEdge with respect to safety, so to make things easier for our dealers and potential customers we have put together a comparison table.

Connector mismatch

As a total solution brand, we can guarantee that all of the connectors provided with a commercial Autarco system use original MC4 connectors from Staubli. On the solar panels, on the inverters, on the inter-row connections and any loose connectors provided. This relatively straightforward benefit is impossible for a component brand to match with ease.

Even SolarEdge, who promote and push the safety message so strongly are not able to adequately control the leading cause of fire in solar systems, because ultimately, they do not know what connectors their optimizers will be matched with on the back of the solar panel.

Performance of optimizers

There are numerous very strong use cases for optimizers, particularly in heavy shade, but their usefulness is often overstated. We recommend interested parties to review this Research Report which also backs up many of our findings in the field. This study shows that PV systems have typically a higher yield if no module optimizers are applied.

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