Autarco's warehousing advantage

Save time and money with Autarco's warehouse advantage

Autarco understands the challenges that solar installers face, from the hassle of diverse orders from different component brands to dealing with extensive stock management. Autarco has designed a game-changing single-brand solution that includes design, ordering and monitoring software that simplifies the entire installation process.

"We help the installer save time and money by delivering all required materials for a complete project in one shipment and on their preferred location, date and time window. This means there's no need for the installer to deal with any hassles or keep stock on hand", says Lau van der Kaa, Supply Chain Planner at Autarco.

Let's dive into Autarco's warehousing advantages:

1. Dedicated deliveries

Instead of receiving multiple products from different suppliers, installers get everything they need for a specific project in one shipment at the address of your choice. 

2. Single-brand quality

All products are from our single-brand solution – solar panels, mounting systems, and inverters. This ensures maximum solar system performance and safety.

3. Hassle-free inventory management

For installers, managing a stockpile of solar products can be a costly and logistical nightmare. Autarco's single-brand solar solutions eliminate the need for stock management. This allows installers to focus on what they do best—installing solar systems—instead of worrying about product procurement and storage.

By reducing shipping costs, eliminating the need for stock storage, and streamlining installation, Autarco's single-brand solar solutions bring substantial cost savings to installers.

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