From 2021 to 2023 solar panels also fall under the ISDE subsidy

Subsidies in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, subsidies tumble over each other. Each subsidy is intended to contribute to the sustainable energy transition in the Netherlands. Most subsidies are not product-specific, which means that it is not clear which subsidies are useful for specific business cases. Therefore we are putting the ISDE subsidy in the spotlight, which is especially useful for businesses. 

ISDE stands for Investment Investerings Subsidie Duurzame Energie (Subsidy Sustainable Energy in English) and was created for both private and business users. It offers subsidies for various projects such as the purchase of heat pumps, solar boilers, connecting to a heat network and for 5 types of insulation materials. The ISDE has been present in the landscape since 2016 and will remain available until at least 2030. Temporarily solar panels will also fall under the ISDE, namely from 2021 to 2023.

The difference between the ISDE subsidy and the more well known SDE++.

The SDE++ is better known as Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie (Stimulating Sustainable Energy Production in English) for large user connections (everything above 3×80 Ampere). The ISDE was created for the so-called small users with a connection up to 3×80 Ampere.

You can check what kind of connection you have by looking at the invoice from your energy supplier, which will show the costs of the grid manager. With a high-volume connection, you pay these costs directly to the grid manager rather than to the energy supplier.

With a small consumer connection, you as a business user have the opportunity to install up to approximately 160 panels of 380 Watt peak. It is advantageous if you can then receive a subsidy of €125 per kW of combined peak capacity.

There are, however, a number of conditions are required to successfully apply for the ISDE:

  • A connection for small consumption, maximum 3×80 Ampere.
  • In the previous year, you have a net consumption of at least 50,000 kWh;
  • You can apply for ISDE for a capacity between 15 and 100 kWp;
  • You have to put the solar panels into use within 12 months;
  • They have been installed by a recognised construction or installation company;
  • The panels are installed on or in your building.

To avoid problems, the order in which you apply for the ISDE is important. You start with a request for a quotation for the solar panels, then you apply for the subsidy and only after approval do you sign the purchase agreement.

We are here to help!

Would you also like to help your end customer with the application of ISDE subsidy? Autarco can submit the full application for the subsidy for just €100. This will be settled when the project is accepted and delivered.

Tip! Do you have a connection above 3x80A? In  this case you can apply for the SDE++ subsidy. Autarco can help you with this!

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